SEO Factors That Cannot Be Ignored

SEO can be patience testing procedure because it takes too much time if you want organic results in the form of permanently better rank. Nevertheless, you also need to take it into consideration that there may be a lot of things in SEO that have proved to be total waste of time. Therefore, it is rather important to quit such time wasting procedures and find something which can be result oriented.

For that purpose, some dos and don’ts would be worth mentioning here.

  • A study, which involved analysis of over 1 million search results in the last month, showed that backlinks can be more effective than any other element in SEO. The further elaboration shows that there are 3 main factors which make a backlink a powerful tool to get a website on the course of success from the perspective of Google’s rankings. These three factors involve number of backlink (which needs to be higher), link quality and the strength of anchor text. However, employing the same anchor text several times can have adverse effects.


  • SEO is all about the content. Therefore, adding the good quality content in your website on regular basis is a crucial need rather than just a requirement. The quality of content is concerned with two major factors; i.e. the applicability and the ability to engage viewers. The details about new Panda update show that Google has considerably changed its approach in ranking of the websites by working on content analyzing processes, along with the quality of inbound and outbound links. Now, Google can tell whether or not a website has relevant content.


  • It has been almost a year since Google was noticed for improving the ranks of websites which would receive traffic from social media channels. According to a study based monitoring of data traffic to and from social media channels, it is now obvious that Google perceives the content to be valid which receives more social signals. Facebook and Google Plus seem to be more authoritative in this concern. Therefore, it is recommended to build proper and elaborative social media profiles if you want people and Google to talk about your business website.

The above are a few very basic factors which can help your website to rank well in SERPs.