Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings

For many of us, Amazon is a search engine lime man of the other search engines out there. It’s important to think about optimization and how optimizing has changed with each and every year. If you’re the type who’s never worried about optimizing products that you sell on amazon, there isn’t much that you have to change, but you should create a strategy. For many people, google is usually where they start, but many companies also focus on selling a product when it comes to optimizing. Amazon is usually the second one that you think about, and many don’t know how to deal with it.

However, it’s actually not hard to understand optimizing for amazon once you have a good grasp on optimization period. Once you have it in, it’s pretty easy, and it doesn’t change as much. You can find out how to rank well on amazon below.

How to Rank Well on Amazon

Before you begin with these tips, it’s important to know that amazon is different than google in terms of rankings in various ways. You might see that they are very similar in a sense, but you should see how they are different, for it is crucial. Below are the list of tips to help you rank well on amazon.

  • The first to remember that conversion is used in google and for amazon it’s used for customer satisfaction. Amazon sells products, google is used to sell ads that take people to sites. You will measure your success by measuring the revenue that you get per search instead of the time spent on a page which you use with google.
  • Then there is the factor that amazon is very structured, meaning that you have to tell them what you want exactly. Google is a bit more open with what you want, but they do change frequently.
  • Then there is the fact that amazon is really focused on optimizing on the page. If you build links off the page, you won’t change your rankings like how it does for google.
  • Finally, you have to realize that most of your customers are already on amazon, so they aren’t looking for anything unique, but rather compelling content. With google, it’s the opposite, because you need unique content in order to stay on top.

Once you know about these differences, it’s time to look into how to optimize. You will see how your optimization of your amazon page and some of the features that bring traffic to the page that you have. You’ll find out how to do it in the next section.

How to optimize your Amazon Listing?

The first is to follow the image guidelines that are listed, and upload at least 5-6 of them. This will allow those who go to your product page to look at the product from different angles. It also needs to follow the requirements as well. You might notice that there are standards that you must uphold, such as showing real photographs, having no watermarks in the image, and have the image be about 1000 pixels.

Then you need to focus on what your product title will be. You get 500 characters with Amazon, and it doesn’t have to be unique. The longer the better, and you want to make sure that you give as much info as possible, so make sure to fill up as much of the character limit as possible. You will also want to have long keyword titles, because this will help get more viewers to your product.

Now with this, you might need to take some time to get used to it, but if you do this with your titles, using the formula of brand+model number+model name+ product type or color, you’ll be able to optimize your listing. It’s not the prettiest title, but it’s different and it will take some getting used to. You only have to have the keyword show p once as well in the title, and that’s why many companies use a ton of keywords in one title.

When you are writing the description, you will bullet points under the title. You should add some keywords there, and you should cater the description to the image. That way, it will be closer to the images and how it appears with the title and the text.

Another important point is to increase your amazon reviews. They are important for sales, and although they are dubious in terms of the connection to the ranking, it’s important to show how a product is doing, and it’s a way to convince people to buy the product. Plus, is you start to use other outlets to get some customers, you’ll be able to help improve your product sales easily.


Then there is the means of driving traffic to your page. You should use the Amazon PPC ad feature that allows you to make ads that will pop up on amazon. You can make t using the keywords, and once you select the keywords and products, it will appear in the top searches and improve your sales rank, along with organic listings. They’re important for starting to drive traffic to your products.

Finally, you should list the ASIN in an area. This is something that will help drive traffic to a page despite not ranking. What you want to do is to get your product to show up in the listing on a page that it ranks. Now, if you’re competing with another product that is practically identical in price, having this will help you gain an edge. You should make sure to change your product field by listing the ASIN via the URL.


All of these are important ways to help you drive up sales, rankings, and to improve the optimization of your amazon page. Doing this will help to generate sales, which is what you’re looking for in terms of trying to improve your amazon listings and product sales quickly.  If you need more help or would want professional Amazon SEO team to handle it, we will be glad to assist you.