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  • Some people wonder if a few poor quality pages will drag down the site’s rankings. Well, let’s see what Google has to say about it, and why they may or may not matter. The truth is, a few sites may have issues that cause them to not get ranked. For example, poor page quality will

  • The big question people have is whether or not poor-quality pages will drag the rankings down sitewide. The answer to that is really varied, and here, we’ll discuss the impact of these low-quality pages. First, there is an idea that not ranking and penalization are the same thing. Some will complain about penalized sites, when

  • Are you someone that hates keyword lists and they keep you up at night? Well, that’s something that every SEO goes through.  there’s a lot that goes into getting the right keywords, and you need to actually create one that is based on the SERP.  we’ll tell you here why you should try to build

  • If you work in paid search e-commercer, then chances are you probably know that understanding Shopping Ads is important. Here, we’ll give you a basic guide to the feed setup & management, the campaign setup, and optimizations to consider. https://youtu.be/FLZdoeCv5o4 For feed setup and management, you first need to send the feed with a feed

  • By now you’ve probably heard that the rel=prev/next markup isn’t supported, but it actually hasn’t been supported for years. It kind of stinks since google forgot to tell everyone. But what does it mean, and what should you know about it? Well, read on to find out. https://youtu.be/iN9O38bxyf0 This markup was used as a way

  • It can happen to anyone, where they think they’re in the top spot, and then overnight, the rankings drop like a rock.  it’s annoying, and the initial shock is ever-so frustrating.  But, there are ways to figure out the source of it, and here, we’ll talk about the best ways to do it so that

  • When working with an enterprise, there are a few things that you need to realize. To be successful in SEO doesn’t just mean the technical aspects, but it’s also looking at opportunities for growth.  These companies know that they need people that can communicate effectively, along with some teams all in the same room. https://youtu.be/xBh2EUCx94E

  • As of late, Google has been playing with audiences, and there has been an introduction to many different topics including in-market searches and the release of detailed demographics.  The fast nature of search advertising is one of the things that makes it super fun. In order to be a PPC hero, you need to be

  • It happens sometimes, where your items are selling faster on Amazon faster than you imagined, and everywhere you go you notice price erosion on products, lower margins in the company, and distribution headache.  Sales on Amazon can increase problems for you as a company.  If you’re struggling to get your products to move in sales

  • Recently, Google has addressed a few questions that have been going around in the SEO community recently with neural matching and how that’s used.  Here, we’ll talk about both, and how they relate to one another. https://youtu.be/7naFKmTmfGM First is neural Matching, which helps Google better relate words to searches, and it’s an AI based system