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  • Having guest posts on prestigious sites is a big part of blogging, and it can affect everything, from fame, to reputation, to success. But, it’s so much more than that. guest posting is a very powerful strategy to building links in your toolkit. https://youtu.be/t_838Dk966Y Guest posting is great because it can help you connect your

  • Many people don’t realize that there are a lot of myths about linking and bringing organic traffic to the site. A lot of times, people don’t realize that these myths can be harmful, and they’re part of the reason why some people don’t have success with their linking campaign. Luckily, we’ll highlight the biggest, worst

  • So unless you’re using different sites that already have millions of links, you’ll be looking to get these. Google has made it clear that the content and the links are two of the largest factors in SEO. The content without the links will limit the referral traffic, and it will harm your potential to rank.

  • Now that 2019 is almost over, let’s talk about 2020. While we may not have 2020 vision, it’s important to understand the trends, so that you can dominate the SERPs and earn a lot more in the next coming year. But, how do you do it? Read below to find out about the top trends

  • Building links is something that takes time, has some planning, and you need to be dedicated and driven to have actual success. Here, we’ll talk about the most common roadblocks and challenges within link building, and the best ways to avoid this. https://youtu.be/TH06B0N_Pjw First, never underestimate the need for quality assets on sites, especially when

  • Amazon has organic rankings that favor listing more than anything else, which is why understanding the conversion rate of the listings is so important. Amazon has a few ways for you to do this. https://youtu.be/TSJEQFtbOLA By tracking the conversion rate, you’ll understand the changes that you make with every single listing, and how each change

  • When it comes to building links, the value of them have beginning to dwindle since the beginning of Google’s existence. The reason is because google will not listen to certain links simply because it doesn’t’ show a true recommendation.  Google continues to remove irrelevant links, or that they think is relevant, which is something that’s

  • Lots of people come to your site from every corner of the world, but is it always as good as you think it is? Not necessarily.  Here’s the thing about traffic: it doesn’t convert to customers and revenue in most cases, and if it’s not doing that, you’re doing something incorrect, and the rule is

  • Unlinked brand mentions are those brand mentions that are in sites that won’t provide the link straight back to this.  However, backlinks are super important for developing website authority, especially within communities that are relevant.  While google dos give more value to those brand  mentions, even if they’re not linked, the linked ones give you

  • Trading of links (aka reciprocal linking) was a popular method to build links and get traffic in early 2000s but its popularity has decreased in the recent years. Nevertheless, trading of links is still a relatively common practice. But the way reciprocal linking is done today is different from what had been done 20 years