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  • Affiliate link building is like sales commissions. While it’s a simple concept, a lot of people either do it wrong, or they don’t’ do t at all. It’s a very simple concept since brands and businesses will choose the influencers that can be used to promote products and services with the correct affiliate link, which

  • Building authority is something a lot of people tend to not realize will happen until it’s too late. Authority is a buzzword used in marketing, and everyone wants it, but people don’t’ know how to keep it after they get it. Google will prize the authority that others have and will rank content that has

  • Edge SEO is something that more businesses have started to use, and while more businesses are using existing technologies, Cloudflare is something that’s started to become more popular. That’s mainly because the alternatives are there, such as Akamai Edge Workers, and marketing professionals that develop the processes, cases of businesses, and the deployment protocols that

  • For digital markers, finding the right customer demographics and the right audience might be how we determine our audience, but do you really know your web audience? Are you targeting them with marketing/ or are you just assuming since you’ve got business coming in, that’s the correct audience. The right understanding of the customer base

  • When tracking the metrics of your business online, thee are a few that stand out from the rest.  You do have platforms that make it much easier for you to track this, but you can also be your own store operator, letting you track the data yourself and have more freedom. You need metrics though

  • User experience of a website is not all about the design of the website. It is actually more concerned about how users experience the website. It means that the content of the website needs to be satisfying enough to help in the improvement of conversion rate. https://youtu.be/Ij4WquJaRTc The organic search journey involves landing on the

  • If you have an e-commerce site, your first objective would be to drive links and traffic to your product pages. You can get your product pages featured in the “add to cart” sections of the other related products or services. https://youtu.be/_e_0iu54wUQ But there is another way you can convert your users into customers. For this

  • Despite what many people say, link is still the most valuable currency in the world of SEO. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get high quality links because Google has started to understand the value of links and also identifying the ones which are created just for the purpose of SEO. https://youtu.be/GJwZzktpcYE So, the

  • Bidding on your brand name is very important for having your brand name in a PPC. Here, we’ll talk about how brands are important to bid on, and how they rank too. https://youtu.be/KemiElup3w4 Bidding on branded queries for searching is a good way to have your brand name there. Companies will bid on this, and Google

  • This may not be the initial platform that you think of, especially when you’re putting together a mix of display options. You might think of the google display network, or the trading desk, criteo, or other exchanges, and you’ll assume that you have to be a seller to take advantage of that. https://youtu.be/VkAnWzpswQM In fact,