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  • PR and link building go together pretty easily, but in order for PR to be effective in link building, you need the correct approach. You need to have a story that’s worth telling, especially from the audiences’ perspective though. However, just because you’ve got a story that’s newsworthy, doesn’t mean you’ll get the links. https://youtu.be/JNFtYUFZJ90

  • SEO is a world full of instances. And that is due to the fact that there are a lot of people associated with SEO. And it is also the fact that there is no fixed way of SEO specialization. One thing that works for a website might not work for the other. Due to this

  • Managing PPC campaigns whether it be searching, social, or even display-based can become almost habitual in a way.  While this does allow a scalability in a sense, it does cause blind spots in different legacy accounts, whether working more than a year or not.  There are a few tactics that work better than others, and

  • You may already be familiar with the concept of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). This concept was introduced back in 2014 by Google in Search Quality Guidelines. These guidelines are used in Google’s search quality evaluations in which several quality reviewers are hired for the task of manually reviewing a set of webpages and letting

  • When it comes to international SEO, you need to first work on geotargeting, which is something that you have to implement quickly and correctly. Whether it be hosting domains and locations, or even localization and the hreflang and the IP detection, geotargeting is definitely a big part of technical SEO, especially in relation to the

  • Geotargeting is one of the first things to come into the mind when we talk about international SEO. Its proper implementation holds huge importance for bringing traffic from international audience. The factors like domain, hosting, localization, hreflang and IP detection are usually discussed in the context of technical SEO. But then, the websites are not

  • Higher bounce rate is nothing less than a nightmare for online marketers. For those who do not know what bounce rate is; it is the percentage of users who leave the website after viewing one page. In this scenario, you have to keep the word ‘high’ in consideration. Normal bounce rate is not something of

  • The process of encouraging links can be improved for some sites if the work is done on their content. While this is the very process of link building, SEO experts do not call it the link building process due to link building’s common perception, which is not quite positive. https://youtu.be/arUq0I5PQoY The reason links and content

  • Amazon is one of the main retailers out there, and to say that they changed the landscape would be completely understating it you have to understand that there are over 3000 million active Amazon accounts that are used constantly. Three quarters of people do most of their shopping directly on amazon. There are over 105

  • Affiliate link building is like sales commissions. While it’s a simple concept, a lot of people either do it wrong, or they don’t’ do t at all. It’s a very simple concept since brands and businesses will choose the influencers that can be used to promote products and services with the correct affiliate link, which