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  • A little bit of advertising will bring interest, awareness, and the potential for queries. Like a net near the bottom of the portfolio, Search engine marketing is ready all the time regardless. No one can argue that paid search is the best at the bottom, but what about the top and the middle. The CpCs

  • WordPress is what hosts about 1/3 of websites these days, and it’s been one of the best CMS platforms for the community, and because of the many different features, many have attacked it. But, the truth about it is, WordPress is actually very safe to use, and here we’ll tell you some tips to make

  • Schema as of late has gained a following amongst the SEO professionals as an optimization strategy for important answer boxes and rich snippets in position zero fo the search results. it’s a foundation for the markup data that gives search engines the ability to better understand the location-based structured information, including addresses, dates of events,

  • This is an update to the new algorithm, and it’s called a broad core update.  it’s called Florida 2, and it’s a big update. So how big is this?  it’s important, and there are claims that it’s one of the biggest in years. In previous years, whenever there was an update, it meant that there

  • We are learning about the impact of the heft of pages on humans, and you’ll realize that over time that SEO professionals are sighing in a personal and collective battle that they must have with the blocker they deal with. The way that people are trying to make their pages faster is something called lighthouse,

  • When it comes to the new year, you’re probably wondering where to begin. Heck, it’s already March, and you may wonder as well where you should be focusing. Here, we’re going to talk about some areas you need to focus on, and why they matter. https://youtu.be/gmB_TC92I8w First is on-SERP SEO, and that’s essential because there

  • When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of off-page aspects to consider, but what about on-page SEO? Here are a few ways to really improve the on-page SEO in your business. https://youtu.be/EceSgY9bDnc First, look at the content.  Content is king, but you want to have good content.  Content that is relevant to user

  • With amazon’s advertising topping over `10 billion in 2018, right behind it was google and facebook, the analysts were correct that with big brand advertising was a major influx in the brands. Why is this important? Well, more advertisers, more demand, higher CPC.  If this increases, it does increase the Acos, the advertising costs of

  • when you’re trying to get a business and new clients, sometimes the local market is harder than you’d think.  You have to understand the full scope and how clients are searching for you. You also have to realize that you’re up against some competition that refers to referrals and foot traffic, and you might need

  • With the search marketers out there, the programmatic auction is a whole different beast. Understanding this can be a lot harder than launching an ad campaign, and they don’t’ usually work together, that is till recently. We are seeing new and powerful examples of programmatic being paired with other marketing channels. https://youtu.be/rMvSWDtZGVo it’s on the