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  • Many people wonder whether or not it is necessary to bid on branded terms while running a PPC campaign. People frequently ask this question, along with a myriad of other questions. In this article, we are going to answer a few of those questions. Should you bid on brand terms? In most cases, yes. Not

  • Amazon has become the largest platform for brands to come and sell their products online. To court more brands into its platform, Amazon has introduced a robust system to allow those brands to track conversions. This system is known as the Amazon Brand Registry program. This program is accessible to the brand owners with a

  • Social platforms have become more facilitating for brands. About 30% of online shoppers expressed their willingness to purchase from social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. This situation goes more into the favor of brands existing on social media with the introduction of Facebook and Instagram shops. What is social commerce? https://youtu.be/7CYQTg4_zQo Social

  • The question “How long does SEO take?” may be one of the most frustrating questions it is an FAQ most of the clients come up with. Understandably, there is no definitive answer to this question because of the varying factors involved. These factors are mostly related to the optimization of your site. While you need

  • A few of many requirements that may prompt you considering rebranding include company acquisition, changing the company name, and a set of business decisions. No matter what the reason, rebranding can take its toll on the company’s website performance over search engines. In this article, we are going to talk about a few things that

  • While online is good for most businesses, you should also consider possibly looking towards local people.  In fact, more and more people will trust recommendations from friends than from branded but how do you do it? Well, we’ll go over here some of the best tactics to get more customers for a local business. Find

  • You probably know about the most common methods of building links, such as creating original studies, guest posting, and then prospecting broken links. But the problem is that it can get expensive, consuming, and oftentimes, are too saturated. But there are a few link building strategies you can use which will change the game and

  • If you want to rank well, you need links.  There are three ranking factors, with links being one of them. The quality links will improve your overall authority and your trustworthiness on pages. Quality links will help you have a much better ranking over time. https://youtu.be/IzX4e9jF_z0 Creating links in the past used to be a

  • How do you optimize a website in a small niche?  How do you do it in a way that benefits you even if your keywords don’t get searched more than about a hundred times a month? Well, if there’s a sustainable business model for this type of product or service, there is probably a website

  • Webpages or websites made for the audience of a specific country might start appearing in the search results among a user in a different country or countries. This has been, until now, a major challenge in international SEO. This problem may not necessarily be a site-wide issue and it could happen with certain search queries.