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    On-page optimization of Amazon listing is extrmely important to make sure your products get found in Amazon search results. You need to make sure that your primary keyword is in your listing Title, description and keyword section along with supporting keywords with correct keyword density. Besides that, there are some other factors involved in it.Read More…


    If your product is not ranking well in Amazon search results, you will not be able to get much customers because people tends to see first 10-20 results if they are looking for any product in any niche. Therefore, your products needs to be in top 3 to get found right away and be purchased. Read More…


    Everyone knows that ranking a product/services in Google is gold and if its your Amazon product listing, you can simply multiply your sales by 50 times. People love to search products on Google and buy products on Amazon. Its just make things perfect.Read More…

  • Amazon Reviews

    Amazon reviews are important for your products as it establish the credibility of your products. We can help you get loads of positive reviews by making sure that Amazon guidelines are not violated.Read More…

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    Bad reviews by competitors are very common in Amazon. If you would need to vote down any unfair negative review by your competitor, we have a solution for you. Or we can help you vote up your positive reviews to make sure your prospect customers will get to read everything positive in the first glance.Read More…


    Yes, we do all the work on Amazon from listing your products to Amazon to ranking your products on Amazon or Google. We knows how to cover everything in between. Just sit back and relax. We will handle your Amazon products, listings and other requirements by Amazon. We will not bound you to any contract.Pay on a month-to-month basis and cancel at any time with no hidden fees. Do you need more information? Contact your Amazon SEO Team now.

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  • Yext has recently integrated with Amazon Alexa, allowing users to get local business listings. Those that utilize Alexa for voice search will now be able to get the most up-to-date information about businesses, and you can get information about the locations of businesses, their contact open info, their hours of operation, and even more. With

  • OneTag is a JaveScript that’s used to help affiliates see sales data and monetize the traffic internationally. It isn’t a new program, but if you’re not using it, you can profit from this. OneTag is used to help those affiliate publishers get the insights they have on their content and how it performs at the

  • Nearly half of the US online business transactions happen on Amazon, and with the e-commerce giant continuing to grow across a range of categories, it’s a viable option that you should always consider. However, sellers continue to struggle with the factors that impact whether people will see their products on Amazon.  There are few factors,

  • Amazon’s market has grown a lot, and one way they’ve grown is via Amazon Advertising. Brands can’t ignore the power that this has since it does market directly to customers. Most people use Amazon to do their online shopping, so it’s no wonder why this is important. There are more product searches down with Amazon

  • for the last 11 years, many retailers have been using Apple products to resell within their business, but it’s been much harder in recent years for third-parties to sell new or used iPads, iPhones, and even Apple Watches.  A new deal is about to make this harder too, and it might be the final blow

  • You probably want to know if there is a way for you to hold onto the rankings of the products and control them. The answer is while there is no guarantee that you will be able to rank there, by following the A9 algorithm, it will showcase what you want the products to sell. One

  • When it comes to Amazon Seller central, you can actually optimize your product with keywords that work for the product, but they don’t fit into the bullet points that the main title and description have.  This is good for keyword variants that aren’t used for integration, such as synonyms and misspellings od words that just

  • Amazon has helped so many people over the years, and it’s contributed to the brands’ growth. And while it’s had successes, more and more sellers are facing competition, so they need to bring their best game to the table. But how do you do that? Well, let’s take a look at how the Amazon search

  • Did you know that over half the online shoppers look at Amazon for product searches? This is the reference point for most shoppers, and they’ll check the product and prices before they do anything else. If you’re looking for a way to launch products to the audience that is targeted in ways that are useful,

  • Are you able to optimize your listings so that they’re higher in the search results? With optimization, you can work with the algorithm and create a good strategy, and by knowing the A9 algorithm, you’ll be able to optimize for the best practices. So what is it? Well, the A9 algorithm is a format that