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  • When it comes to choosing whether you want your searches to be done with images or voices, you’re going to be using audience personalization and targeting AI. The thing with that, is that AI is getting smarter and smarter, and you’ll want to make sure that, when you do start your SEO business, you’ll be

  • With a small business, they are run differently compared to larger corporations. But, there are a few principles that you should know, that will inevitably help you, and here are a few that you should know about when it comes to that, and what you can do about this as well. First, you need to

  • With 2019 being started, there are some SEO factors you should be monitoring. Here, we are going to talk about the top ones that you should know, and why they matter to you in terms of SEO marketing, and how you can benefit from this. First, let’s talk structured data. I get it, it’s confusing,

  • 2018 was the most momentous year for Amazon, and they’re now the third largest seller behind Google and Facebook, with 4% of the total market share.  They are categorized as “other” in terms of earnings, but they’ve grown so much.  Many people are spending a lot more, and there is more spending within the budget

  • Amazon ad budgets are growing, in that it’s moved up about 50% since most of the previous readings. With the shifting budget, however, comes the need for international SEO.  A report that notes what used to be Google’s share of searches is now Amazon’s domain. About 54% of searches begin on Amazon, compared to what’s

  • Amazon is known for siring the dominance in the e-commerce market, and other segments that have helped, including Amazon web service, but they’re now becoming the advertising giant as well. More than $10 billion in advertising revenue was generated from this, and it’s a global powerhouse in the different ad products and systems. The accelerating

  • Amazon used to do books only, but now they essentially do everything. They provide grocers, videos, cloud storage, music, and even some physical places. They actually have an advertising platform as well, and that’s called Amazon marketing services.  There isn’t too much talk about it, and it actually is slightly different from PPC and AdWords. 

  • You may wonder why you should consider Amazon Advertising. Well, in 2012 Amazon is now one of the top places for online shoppers in the US.  Amazon advertising is still in its formative stages since many buyers are still running google campaigns that are there.  While there are hiccups though, it’s becoming one of the

  • Yext has recently integrated with Amazon Alexa, allowing users to get local business listings. Those that utilize Alexa for voice search will now be able to get the most up-to-date information about businesses, and you can get information about the locations of businesses, their contact open info, their hours of operation, and even more. With

  • OneTag is a JaveScript that’s used to help affiliates see sales data and monetize the traffic internationally. It isn’t a new program, but if you’re not using it, you can profit from this. OneTag is used to help those affiliate publishers get the insights they have on their content and how it performs at the