Enterprise SEO Tactics To Give Your Website The Ranking Boost

It is not uncommon to see your enterprise SEO strategy to become toothless after performing so well. It happens mainly due to algorithmic changes and intensifying competition. A little refresh in the strategy to revive your SEO may be the best and a quick fix.

Here are a few tips to help you with your enterprise SEO.

Target easy to reach keywords

Instead of targeting the keywords that top-ranked websites use, focus on the keywords ranking at 11th to 20th position. These slots are the low-hanging fruits, and you should be able to get there with minimal effort.

You can check for those keywords using Ahrefs. The process is pretty simple – go to the organic keywords and select the region you are targeting. Click on the position and enter anything between 11 and 20 to find keywords ranking at those positions.

The significant benefit of this approach is that it serves as a pathway to higher rankings.

Expand your content

After finding the keywords that you must target, you need to work on the content. You will have to make it relevant and more useful to your users by targeting user intent. Expanding your content becomes crucial if you have empty pages.

The reason you need to do it is that Google algorithms are smart enough to prevent empty pages or ones with thin content from ranking in search engines. If the competition is high, you will need to be even more proactive with your content creation.

The benefits that you can get by expanding your content include improved user experience, better engagement, higher domain authority, and better visibility.

Produce a lot of content

After updating the existing pages, pay attention to creating fresh content. You may have to become a content producing machine. Almost every consumer journey begins with a problem, which prompts a user to search for the problem-solving content. The customer will consider your site to make a transaction from if you succeed in solving their problem.

Therefore, it is necessary to produce high-quality and relevant content. You will need to create content for every stage of the buying journey.

The best way to keep producing content is to start a blog. It may even allow you to produce transactional content.

Again, you will need to target user intent instead of only keywords. It may necessitate you to target more multiple keywords and topics.

Optimizing featured snippet

With a featured snippet, you can show up in Google’s rich results, which can be a big plus for your website. To show up in the featured snippet, first, you have to pay attention to the H1 tags. Make sure that you are addressing queries from your users in H1. Next, optimize your answer based on the topic of the H1.

You may want to update the content in this snippet regularly to make sure that it remains relevant to the searchers’ queries.

Internal and external linking

Linking is perhaps the most essential technique to bring traffic onto the website and improving the site’s rank. First, you will need to work on the internal linking structure. Make sure to connect relevant pages. The primary benefit of this approach is that it lifts other pages when a page connected to them ranks in SERPs.

External linking helps you bring traffic to your website. Linking to and from authentic sources gives your website a very positive exposure, which helps your website improve its authority.