Rank Your Amazon Listing Through Google

For many of us, ranking on Amazon is the simple step, but you also want to rank on google as well. Being able to rank on google is very important, because ranking on it will allow you to get conversion rates higher, and generate more sales. Once you start to rank on Google or other search engines, it starts to increase your traffic and even can allow you to dominate the Amazon market as well, which is something that you should do. In essence, you will rank higher in both areas, and you don’t have to do much. Many times, most SEOs think only about the major search engines, but rarely amazon. It’s one of the best search engines, and it rivals google in this day and age. With Amazon, the keywording, ranking, and even customer reviews with the keywords will allow you to bump yourself up in rankings on Google, and in turn, if someone is looking for a specific product, it will be able to be found due to the keywords that are listed and put in.

Now at first, it might not be in the top ranking, but if you put in the right keywords, it will get you onto page one of google, and it will allow buyer traffic to increase. The important things that you should be looking at are the title of the product listed, the description of it, the star rating of it, the reviews that it has and the number of it, and even the questions and answers. You will notice that google will put this ahead of some of the other products simply because of the information.

Now, amazon will still do its own ranking, based off the rating, the price, and even the reviews. If a product has the same number of reviews, star ratings, and ships with prime, but is a few bucks cheaper, it will put the cheaper one at the top, and it will rank them internally. Now, google will rank the more expensive product that has less reviews, due to the algorithm. With google, it’s more of a popularity and relevance contest, and there are only three factors that can change your ranking. These three factors are what you’ll learn about next when it comes to google and product ranking.

The first is backlinks. Backlinks are a favorite on Google, and people who share their products with their friends on other social media sites will increase the ranking on it. In this case, sharing is important to get to the top of google in terms of rankings and such.

Then there is the social network element of it. Many people will share some of the things that they want or like on these social media sites. It’s different from backlinks because with backlinking, it’s mainly forums and bloggers, or even affiliates, but this can be on a social media page that caters to the various people.

Finally, there are user metrics. This is if someone clicks on the result, and if they stay on the page. This is a different element than google because many of the amazon product listings are valuable. If a person doesn’t click on it, google will see the title of the product as irrelevant and boring and will not show it as much. If a person hits the back button, it will bounce back to google, and you won’t get anything. So you should make your page appealing to the masses so that they will click on it and go to the page.

Now, let’s take for example a listing on google. Maybe you have the product page that is very trusted by google, and some of the product pages get the benefit of the doubt. You can then have more backlinks to your products, and in turn it will improve the impact that you have than if you built your own website as a competing element. With amazon SEO, one of the best things about it is that you’re pretty much playing with one system and working with it to dominate. You just have to put in backlinks, social media interaction, and user metrics in order to dominate the google market. This will allow you to also rank better on amazon. These three simple factors can change the whole game for you, and it can make everything a whole lot better as well.

Now, when you are looking at amazon listings, you need to look at the difference between them. Sometimes a shorter and better title is good for google and backlinks, and it will allow it to have a better quality appearance. However, if you’re looking to put in a lot of keywords, you should start to take into consideration amazon. You want to make sure that you balance both the google ranking requirements and the amazon ones, because although they can be different they are important in integration.

With this, you take every single ranking element that you want to focus on, and this will make it the best ranking increase system possible. Many times, it takes about 60 days to improve the rankings, and it can help you generate some extra income each month. Many people use SEO in order to improve the rankings on their page, but if they don’t know how to do it, it will be all for naught. Don’t let that happen to you, and instead take into account every part of amazon and google ranking, and in turn, use that to your advantage so that you can have a better ranking on major pages. It does take a bit of skill to achieve some of this, and for many it can be something that you might not be familiar with at the onset, but the truth is, you need to realize that there are a lot of factors you must take into account, and when you manipulate them accordingly, you will end up getting a better result at the end of the day from this, and you in turn will feel good about yourself and able to do whatever it takes to get yourself going in terms of amazon rankings on google.