In-SERP conversion Becoming the Next Level of Conversion Rates

For many of us, we know a lot about the Knowledge Graph results that some with SERPs. But what if it meant that if Google gives you a chance to make a purchase, call, book, or appointment, it converts the customers with the results needed. There is a potential here, and there is the possibility that if you have an SERPs, you could have a 100% conversion rate, and this also develops the question of what Google’s role is in this world that is riddled with apps as well.

About 12 months ago, Google had changed its focus, where right up until the last year the objective was to have the most relevant, best content that has the most authority to answer your question. However, within the last 12 months Google has started taking more ownership of what you’re looking for, with a lot of questions being answered on the SERPs, such as taking information from Wikipedia and other sites and giving them directly to the user on Google.


In-SERP conversion

There has been a recent update as well, where Google is now using its own searches to give you more information. For example, you can search a restaurant, and it actually not only gives you the reviews that it has, along with the website and contact information, but it also gives its own data to show you popular times and when you will likely get seated and when you won’t, when it could potentially be a problem. Through this, Google also has been the type that has tested things out organically first, and once they learn how to use it, they try to commercialize it. With this, you start to not only see the questions being answered on the SERPs, but also the conversions are being facilitated by these SERPs as well.

In-SERP conversion

You can also see the call-only campaign created by these SERPs. For example, if a person wanted to call a place directly, they can do so from the search results without even having to visit the site. This click-to-call campaign is a way to have the users convert directly to the SERPs, and it is exciting. With this, it can create a 100% conversion rate, because everyone who clicks on the ad that you create does become a lead or a sale.

With this, currently the beta is only out, and it’s only available to retailers in the US, and searchers are now able to be taken from a search to check out, and within 3 clicks, it all happens on google. This is the way that Google is safeguarding the position that they have on the app ecosystem. Currently, using the WWW has been declining as of late, because most of the behavior is on apps, and Google’s strength is the fact that it’s the gateway people use on the web. At one point, google did go down for about four minutes two years ago, and actually traffic fell as low as 40% Google’s SERPs are how we connect, and it’s changing the future with every click.