Steps to Follow to Be Found in Amazon Search

As of this year, Amazon has almost 500 million product listing and many unique items for the site, along with almost 1 ½ million sellers out there. Now, you might wonder how to make sure that people see your products online. Now, showing up in searches isn’t enough, for you need to sell your product. Most people on Amazon don’t even go past the first page, and less than 10% do so on Google. With this, you can see that it’s a big task to have people see and buy your products. However, there are some SEO basics that you must learn. SEO is how you get yourself found on search engines, and Amazon uses this means. They have their own search engines that you need to understand, so important to know.

Now, the main factor is relevancy, and you want to look for the relevant products that are being looked for, and there are two things to keep in mind. These are what the product is, and how people respond to it. There are eight things to keep in mind, and they are what will be discussed next.

Amazon SEO Steps

The first is the title, which gives the best description of your products and is the first thing the customer reads. Amazon uses the words in the title for relevance. To optimize, you tell what your product is at the beginning to the title, using words a shopper uses and proper grammar and spelling. You shouldn’t repeat words, and add a secondary description to make the important words show up first.

Then there are the search keywords, which determine what the product is outside of the title and lets the customers find the product when not looking specific. To really use this, you should use as many as you can, be specific, use ones that are used by customers, only repeating the important words, and use a lot of synonyms,

Then there is the category, which helps showcase the products for each search and filter the results appropriately. You should put your products in the right category and be as specific as possible for this to work.

Then there are the additional attributes, which tell you about the quality of Amazon and can hedge against any issues. You should fill this out as in-depth as possible and be specific.

Then there are images, and these help grab the customer’s attention, and they convert sales. They’re not directly used for rankings, but they are needed. You should have a variety of images such as a plain shot, close up, and even the container.

Then there is the description, which helps indirectly convert sales. You should create a robust and interesting description that tells you a lot of information about the product, along with answering questions.

Reviews are also important, as they tell people how the product is, and it can help increase sales, so you should make sure to get reviews.

Finally is the price, and it can help convert sales because it will be either better than the competition and make it better.

All of these are important to keep in mind, and you should have these in your Amazon product listings.