Google Puts Panda into their Main Algorithm

You may have heard online about a possible change in the algorithm and an update from google, and it’s obvious to see from the recent data that something was indeed happening with this. The rumors have said that have started to surface that penguin 4.0 will come into play, but it actually is really a new Panda program and the details of it are hefty. This time Google has now made panda as part of the core algorithm, and this means that it will now be paying more attention to the site quality than ever before seen. Google did confirm the update over a post, saying that Panda as an algorithm will now be applied to sites overall and it’s become one of the key ranking signals. It will measure the quality of a site, and you can find out more about it in the guidelines. Google will now take quality into account and will change the rankings accordingly.


The question is pretty obvious, and the update has caused a bit of confusion on what exactly was updated. However, Google did confirm that there is now a new guide to panda, and it will give a few pointers as well.

Some of the few takeaways are important to note. Now, the websites that are affected by Panda will still rank, but they must be pages of top quality. It will show how a site is performing, and the specific and highly-relevant queries to it. The visibility will be reduced for queries where the site owner’s benefit will outweigh the user’s benefit. If you are worried about Panda, you should start to compare and contrast. You should start to look at sites that have only vague information, or ones that don’t satisfy the user’s question, and you should pay attention to that and change accordingly.


You will also need to stop thinking about the amount of visits, but instead the usefulness of some visits. Remember that at the end of the day the content owners shouldn’t have to ask about the number of visitors each day, but also the ones that are being helped. You should instead of deleting pages and trying to cover up the tracks that you had in the past, go work in creating new pages that give value to the users who would be able to trust the site that you use in the future and what they see in the search results. For many, this will change their pages drastically and their strategies, and it’s something of note.

This has now put a lot of the rumors that have been hanging around in terms of Penguin 4.0, but it also will give people new SEO tools to help you with the activity, allowing pages to come up and change the rankings constantly. Focusing on quality is a great thing in this internet age, and this new update will change the game for just about everyone from here on out.