Why Amazon Echo and Alexa Are Considered the Biggest Products of 2015?

Most of us just want to be listened and understood, and over the years, companies have tried to do that through a device that will listen and understand and deliver to you what you need.  That’s what the reason why many people over the last year have started to love Alexa, because if you want, you can ask you about the weather, or the time, and she’ll tell you right away.

The best part about this system, is because after having many years of yelling and trying to get voice recognition to work, Alexa is the first that really hears the person and does exactly what they ask.  Although Siri might be the main focus of many people’s voice experience, it still falls short.  Microsoft tried to as well through the Cortana system as well, which is a step up from yelling into your microphone, but still falls short.


Amazon’s echo is the internet wireless speaker that comes with the digital personal assistant Alexa.  It’s one of the most impressive technologies this year, and here’s why.  Even though many people were skeptical of this at first because of the previous technology, Alexa is a whole new ballgame.  You tell her what to do, she understands what you say, and then gives you logical, informative, replies.  You can speak to it with a casual voice, not shout at it, and it doesn’t mean you have to talk in slow, enunciated ways.  There is no special tinkering with this, and it’s a breakthrough system.  It did get a limited release in 2014 but only to a few prime members as a beta testing group, and then it became available of June of last year.

Echo is the system she’s attached to, and it can do more than just tell you the weather.  It can audio stream from Pandora, answer questions, give you the source that you need, access your calendar, control some of your home devices including the Philips Hue and the Belkin products.  It’s a great system that will help you, and although it’s not the best speaker in the world, it’s one of the best for the price.


However, more importantly this system gives you the chance to help you have all of the music tracks that you want through the amazon cloud system, and you can access it from any smartphone, laptop, or tablet.  Through this, if you have it on cloud storage, you can then rattle off any song from any part of the storage, and then Echo plays it right away, getting it right about 80% of the time.  This also includes the over million songs that are given to prime members as well, and you can get a whole lot from this.

So far, the only downfall is the fact that she’s not very loyal and will respond to anyone’s command.  However, she is a system that shows we’ve come very far in voice recognition technology, and even with that, it can only mean we’ll march on even further.