How to Promote a Book on Amazon Kindle

With Kindle being the newest craze and a huge source of income, it’s time to take advantage of it. However, having the book finished is only your first step. If you really want to get somewhere with this, you need to promote it. Remember the amazon market is huge, so you need to watch out for it, and this article will give you some steps to really promote your kindle eBook so it sells well.

The first is to make up a good cover. It’s the first thing people will see, so you should make it catchy and appealing. Even if they don’t buy your book, they will click on your page, which improves rankings.

You should also pick the perfect title. Look for what appeals to the topic, and make sure that you have the keywords in there artfully and not just stuffed in. Also, you should make it catchy as well.

Then there is the description. You should create a concise, truthful and creative description. You should make sure it’s keyword rich but not stuffed.

Then there are tags and reviews. You should come up with some great tags that you want the book to come up in searches for. If there is a niche you’re in, put those in. You also want reviews, which you can get by giving out free copies for great reviews. There are great forums that will help you do this.

Now when you’re choosing the keywords, you want to have them fitted for SEO, but also flows into related searches as well. You should pick ones that are fitting for the book, and the ones that come up in your “related searches” as those are the best ones out there.


When you’re working to make a dent in terms of publicity, enroll in KDP select. This is a service that will allow readers to help with presence by making an eBook free for about five days. When those five days hit, have people download it and give great reviews for it.

Then there is Listana. This is a great place to get free publicity. There, you can have friends include you on their lists, and it’s an author blog that will allow you to get more exposure and you’ll be able to be seen especially if you’re an expert on a niche. It’s also a way to have people more than likely buy your book.

You should also work to create a live chat with an author. This will help those who were thinking about buying your book to get to know you.


Finally, promote it on social media. Use this to help improve the amazon traffic, and it’s also is a helpful way to get free publicity.

These are the steps to take in order to really make your book stand out. Use these, work on them, and soon you’ll be getting the publicity that you’ve dreamed of, and it will make your sales even stronger than you’ve ever thought possible.