Five Tips to Help Understand Amazon SEO

For anyone selling on Amazon, it soon becomes known that if you don’t have SEO optimized on Amazon, you won’t get much. It’s different from Google SEO, but it definitely is still a means to help you improve your business. In fact, it’s pretty easy. SEO is how you will rank within a search engine based on a certain algorithm and set of criteria. From there, they will judge the websites to see how they mesh within the search engine. With Amazon, there are a few different things than if one uses Google, and this article will go over how to rank well on Amazon in terms of improving content in your store and seller rankings.


The first is the product titles. It’s one of the defining marks that a buyer will see. You have to make this one work, and the best part is that Amazon gives you 500 characters to work with this, which is a great way to help you get ahead. You should fill in all of the right information and don’t skimp.

Then there are keywords. They are different in aspects, but they’re pretty simple to understand. There are general keywords, such as the generic item such as “computer,” “perfume,” “books,” etc., and ten there is the more specialized ones that talk about the specific details, such as “stiletto heels,” “Dell,” and “Burberry.” All of those talk about the exact detail of the item, or even the company, and with this, you want both general and specified keywords for the reason that if you do that, you will get people in both general and specific searches.

Then there is the product description. This is where the art of your product meets the science of SEO, and you can see this easily. This is the spot on the Amazon page where you talk about the fill-in-the-blank aspects, but then also being creative with the choices. If you get stuck, answer the questions, of who, what, where, when, why, and how to allow you to showcase your product well.


Then there is category, which is a place where you can have major problems. For most of these, normally finding the category isn’t an issue, but there are a few tricky items. If you get stuck, do a Google search and see if it fits into one category. Usually it can fit in one category better than the others.

Finally there are customer reviews. These are what people say about your product. These are very important, because the more positive reviews that your item gets, the higher you will rank on Amazon. It’s also the most obvious sign of a trusted merchant, and it will show the people that you’re a good seller. Remember, if you do this well and get good reviews, Amazon will promote you as well, which is really awesome. You should then also look to see how you can improve as well.

These are the five best ways to rank on Amazon, and if you follow them, you won’t have issues.