All About Amazon brand Analytics

For the last couple of years, Amazon ahs been trying to get more brands to the platform. They’ve made some new tools for conversions too, and reporting that’s made to sellers that participate in this. this is of course, the Brand Registry program, which is only available to brand owners which have a trademark. From there, you can get special programs including advertising, A+ content, and also tools to help with protecting this.  this of course, also comes with Brand Analytics and the Brand dashboard, which are two underrated things for you to try.

Brand analytics are a benefit to the registry for both venders and sellers. This allows for insights to empower brand owners to make informed and strategic decisions about the products in their portfolio and marking activities along with advertising. The data is a mixture of the brands and the amazon-related data. This includes the search terms, the most clicked on products, the demographics of customers, and the customer behavior.

They automatically appear when you’ve registered with this. in both vender and seller central, this shows in the reports dropdown menu.

You also get the search terms report, which shows the keyword phrases, the popularity of the search terms, and what products are the most clicked for this. this is actually one of the best tools to help with researching keywords, since it tells you the competitors that are getting the most clicked and who are on the first page.

While it isn’t as robust as other options, you can definitely get some keywords to use in your listings and advertising as well as needed.

However using this will tell you what competitor’s products one should be focused on especially in the related sponsored products posts, and potential issues in the title and main image that come from this. this as well helps a customer identify the products along with the competitor’s products that are on Amazon too. You can of course, look up terms in this to see the products that customers are buying the most, and you can of course, click on products to see which terms are driving customers to get that product too.

However, do keep in mind that if there is a specific phrase or keyword that you want to target, you have to use this, but it is different than what a customer may put into the search bar.

This does work similarly to sales rank too, in that if it’s closer to 1, the more popular the search result is.

It also can help you look at the repeat customer behavior too, in order to help one determine if advertising is pushing customers to get products from companies they already bought from once before.

Finally, you can use the market basket analysis, which will help you look to see what customers are buying certain products when they purchase your own, and this can help not only with selling your own products, but also cross-selling chances.

This is all great to use, and you can change the market and how it functions through the use of this as well.