Product Targeting on seller central

Earlier, Amazon Ads said that product tagging would be allowed on sponsored display for sellers in the US. This is now available, which means that reaching shoppers that are browsing and other looking for complementary product types and categories has never been easier.  Seller central was mostly based on audience choice, but this allows for products to target specific IDs and categories, and that is available.

Sponsored display is also a big part of it too. While it was released last year, sellers were underwhelmed. There wasn’t an ability to control the targeting and the bids tended to be expensive, and weren’t convertible.  However, there are now more ROAs on the sponsored display ads with proper product targeting of the brand, and this of course, is new and worth exploring.

With this as well, those who use product targeting now have new avenues to consider their content strategy. These ads are now below the button for buying, and have the ability to tell you the ratings, deals, and savings associated with this.

This of course, means a huge advantage. If you sell for less than what competitors do, or you know that you’ve got a better rating, the ad that appears below this is what you consider.  You’ll then be able to showcase comparisons that will help people look at that against products they think they’ll be buying.

This does change the game, but it does change what competitors do too. Because of this, you should place ads that are on the products and bids there. you can highlight these or other products sold, since this will increase the average order amount, and it protects the digital real estate from other brands looking to take your traffic, so you can cross-sell on other product lines too. You can also think about how you will cross-sell to other categories too, and even some of the freebies that you can throw in there to help give you a one-uppance against your competitors.

This also lets you target some of the product categories too. For example, if you sell tennis request, you may want to target users that are buying clothes, shoes, or even tennis balls in order to help sell more product.

This is new, and while it is only available to US sellers currently, it has the potential to change the state of selling on Amazon, and it is a welcome change. Whether or not people will take advantage of this is of course, ultimately up to the user. But, fi you’re looking to be seen in more categories and places, this is the way to go, and ultimately, the best way for you to not only sell your items on amazon, but also gain leverage against others as well who sell on this platform too.