Bidding On Branded Terms In SEM

Many people wonder whether or not it is necessary to bid on branded terms while running a PPC campaign. People frequently ask this question, along with a myriad of other questions. In this article, we are going to answer a few of those questions.

Should you bid on brand terms?

In most cases, yes. Not all branded terms are equal, so the answer cannot be a straight yes or no. It is necessary to view brand terms as the same as other terms used in the SEM. Working on each search term can deliver success if you pay attention to its goals, KPIs, and the strategy to improve its rank.

Bidding on the terms in a tactless manner can result in high expenditure and little success. It is necessary to research before you invest your money to fire up a search term in PPC.

Structuring branded PPC campaigns

Just because a PPC campaign brings immediate results doesn’t mean that you can go all-in without structuring those campaigns. You can create 4-5 sets of branded terms. That will make it convenient for you to follow up on everything.

Is it necessary for you to be in the top position all the time for every brand mention?

You do not need to be in the top position all of the time, especially when there are cost constraints. Every click gets expensive than the previous one. It means that when you get closer to a 100% impression rate, the clicks get more expensive.

Automating bids for brand campaigns

You can automate bids on brand campaigns, but you are going to have to test which works best for you. The number one rule of smart bidding is to identify your goals. You can decide whether or not you can automate a bid based on that primary analysis. This way, you can keep CPCs at a reasonable level.

Using enhanced CPC for brand keywords

You can test it, but doing it for every branded keyword might turn out to be counterproductive. The enhanced CPC can increase conversions by bidding more when there is a higher potential of conversions. You need to select the branded keywords for enhanced CPC based on their potential to convert. If those keywords can almost always convert, you can consider using this option.

Is it possible to get traffic and conversions anyway if you turn off branded PPC terms?

Some people think of not using the PPC option at all. Such a practice can hold you back in the competition if you have branded terms to target. It can turn out to be even more counterproductive when you face fierce competition from your other contenders in the market.

Updating ads for every promotion

Updating ads for every promotion can be opposite to being fruitful. It’s because search engines look at the ad history. It is much like the indexed part of the content that ranks well. Any change in that piece can result in the loss of rank. When you update an ad, you make the search engine start doing some guesswork. This entire situation can result in the ad losing its efficiency.