Implementing a PR Campaign to Drive Links

Despite what many people say, link is still the most valuable currency in the world of SEO. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get high quality links because Google has started to understand the value of links and also identifying the ones which are created just for the purpose of SEO.

So, the question is how you can get the high quality links. Well, you will have to forget about getting links at all. If you take a step back and think about the ways to get high quality links, you will find out easily that an approach to build connection is what you need to get the natural links, which are the most value assets in SEO.And for this purpose, you will have to take traditional PR approach into your consideration.

What is a PR campaign?

Marketers know about the importance of PR in building business relationships. They usually write press releases or respond to the emails from potential clients. In this scenario, the only way you can get high quality links in good quantity in one swoop by making your PR campaign as creative as possible. This creativity is associated with finding or digging out the right opportunities. Make sure that you are communicating only with the right journalists.


You may wonder about the ideas that journalists love to write about. Well, you will have to see what they are writing.Look at their publications which may be of your interest and then contact them to give them a nice idea about what they can write about. This way, you will be able to get your website link added in their publications.


Once you have come up with a right idea, you need to start implementing it so that you could be able to show something to the journalists. Good thing is that the journalists are always looking for something that involves PR. And if you are able to give them something to work on, you are going to be a big beneficiary.

In this scenario, you can create a blog post or make a new page with details about a research or study. That will compel your journalist to consider your source of information to convince audiences in their domains.


An SEO with knowledge about PR can do something quite amazing as compared to what a PR person can do. Remember, PR is not about the people you can have a contact with. It is mainly about giving right story to right journalists at right time.It doesn’t matter if they do not know about you. You just need to give them a great story. They will work on it.

With this approach, you will be able to see the links coming in. However, the above mentioned homework is quite important.