Why you gotta bid on your Brand Name

Bidding on your brand name is very important for having your brand name in a PPC. Here, we’ll talk about how brands are important to bid on, and how they rank too.

Bidding on branded queries for searching is a good way to have your brand name there. Companies will bid on this, and Google will rank the brands based on each of these queries, so it’s very important for you to do.

You should always check on this every now and then. That’s because, if someone is considering bidding on your name, then they’ll get the traffic from your name. that stinks, right? Well, you can prevent that by bidding on this. There is no way out of that sometimes, and if you don’t’ want those branded keywords to be completely usurped by those who don’t have the brand name, you need to consider this option.

It also will further give the competitor a kick in the pants by giving them a bid on a competitors brand name. this is a bidding war, and you have to remember that Google only cares about making money.

They don’t care if joe schmo has the same name as someone else, or that other person bid on their name, they want to make money, so that’s their core focus. That’s the reality of this type of environment, and you need to realize it.

Bidding on your brand term will also build your ROI. It is something that you should always test out. Bidding on your brand will always be better, except when you’re not doing it, because it will show no ads, but you’ll have the #1 spot. However, in order to do that, you need to constantly monitor and tweak this, since that will affect what happens with this.

Bidding on the brand name within PPC is a sensible means to do this. Google should rank the site with the brand name, but that’s in a perfect world, and if the site is very poorly optimized, you’re going to run into that.

You’ve got to bid on your brand name because otherwise, those incremental clicks will be lost to the other people that you’re competing with. The clicks that are lost to the potential competitive bidders of the brand, and ti will have the ability to funnel those people to the higher converting landing pages, and it will drop people straight into the CRO optimized type of the website. You need to make sure that you optimize your landing page, and send the brand name traffic in order to create a very good strategy. This is good for big brands, since this is something they do struggle with, cause competitors would try to eat it up. But, if you bid on the correct types of brand bids, you’ll be able to make this work, and be able to choose the right options for your business, and what you can do with the campaign too.