Amazon Demand Side Platform: What it is and What you Have to Know

This may not be the initial platform that you think of, especially when you’re putting together a mix of display options. You might think of the google display network, or the trading desk, criteo, or other exchanges, and you’ll assume that you have to be a seller to take advantage of that.

In fact, you don’t, and you can use this to take advantage of the network that’s owned by other amazon sites, in the same way that Google does this. The placements that you are using will indeed go back to your website, and not amazon.

You also get to take advantage of the amazon behaviors, such as the noticing o their purchase history, brand affinity, and the searches that are performed. It’s a great way to make it so that you’re displaying and showing the options that will bring awareness to the media to bring out the right capture and retargeting that’s out there.

To make this, you need the DSP account, which is a separate part of the Amazon Ad console that you’ll be using for running these advertisements, such as the sponsored products, the sponsored brands, and the product display ads.

You will also need assets, such as banners, interstitial and short videos, and different elements that are created to the amazon specifications.

There isn’t’ an automated creator or template that is in a place like there is with google display builder. But, it can take a bit for the impressions to build, and for the performance data to show up, so you’ll want to make sure that you have a similar flight date and asset inventory in place for this.

These ads will show on obvious different sites, such as Audible, IMDB, and other places, and there are different exchanges that you can check out. There are also third-party partners that you can use leverage to upload the first party data on. This is a great way to figure out the exchanges that you’re using, but there may be overlap for running ads on these ads the same time and it will allow for you to have two ad units within the same space.

Some of these you’ll need to be specific on, and you’ll want to pay attention to your calls to action, and the creative text, since these dynamic ads that have CTA on it, can be overlaid by amazon, and while you don’t get a choice on the CTA, what it is, and the sta that are used, you’ll get to see the performance and the size and version of this. You should make sure that if you’re using assets from both google and facebook that they’re adapted correctly.

So the cost of this is a big part of it, but you should always wait a little bit and run it 3-6 weeks. But, it could be a great way to build your amazon rankings, and from there, increase the overall state of business.