Doing One-Page Analysis on Google Analytics

Checking the performance of a website usually involves an analysis of the entire site. But do you know that there is a way you can analyze only one page of your site? Sometimes, it gets important for the site owners to know about the performance of their individual pages. The one-page analysis on Google Analytics can be an easy and more effective way to know about the performance of pages individually. And so, you can optimize the pages to get required results more easily.

Page level analysis

In most of the cases, you would want to know if the page you want to analyze is worth the effort you are going to make for it.For this purpose, you can look for the ‘All pages’ report in Google Analytics. This report can be found under Behavior –> Site content. If you are looking for a particular page, you can find that page through its name using the keys ctrl+F. If you are unable find that page, it means that the page doesn’t exist in the first 10 entries. You will have to expand the table in order to find the page you are looking for.

By looking at the page views against that page, you can decide whether or not you need to pick that page for further analysis. If the page name appears in blue color, it means that you can view further details about it because it is a link.

While seeing the metrics of the page, you will need to have an understanding about what the metrics say.It is important because you will need to compare specific metrics with the rest of the average numbers. In this scenario, we will talk about the bounce rate. A higher bounce rate of the page when it is viewed from a specific device could mean that you need to improve the page’s user experience for that particular screen size.

Trend analysis

You can view the development of page over a course of time. we will again talk about the bounce rate of the page. You can adjust this metric to see how it behaved over a specific period of time. The trend of increase or decrease in the bounce rate of that page will help you decide about the right thing to do with the page in order to improve its performance.

Session level analysis

The session level analysis of a page can truly help in the SEO of a website. This analysis mainly involves exploring where people come from in order to reach the page.

Knowing this source is important because that’s where you can do work to improve the website’s rank. If people are using a specific keyword to reach to your page, you need to know about that keyword in order to optimize your website in better way to get it ranked against that specific keyword.