Important Features Which the E-Commerce Sites Must Have

E-commerce websites tend to be more amazing for the customers. The website owners want to set new trends and introduce innovations to make sure that they convince their customers to buy from them.But setting or following trends don’t guarantee better conversion rates.

You will need to work on certain elements in order to make your e-commerce site relevant and competitive. Those elements are worth mentioning here.

User friendly

In an attempt to make the web design look great, it is not going to be a good bargain to make the website difficult to explore. You will have to make sure that the website is user-friendly; and you don’t have to sacrifice the elegance for this purpose.

Remember, your main objective should be to help the shoppers quickly get what they want from your site. The additional complexity clogging up the path to a purchase can lead to an abandoned purchased. Make sure that the products are available in right categories. Filters and product comparisons make it easy for the customers to make decisions.

Mobile friendly website

50% of all of the online transactions are done through mobile. In this scenario, it is quite important to make sure that your website design is responsive. A responsive design helps a website to get adapted to the varying screen sizes. It may be worth mentioning here that Walmart was able to increase its sales up to 98% after optimizing its mobile site. It doesn’t matter how many webpages are there on your mobile site, you have to make sure that your site responds well when it is opened in mobile device.

High resolution photos and videos

In this age of e-commerce, you cannot expect to get results by uploading one product photo and adding a few bullet points. Customers now want to see the product from different angles and they also want to see the product being used by people. This is the reason that high resolution photos and videos have become quite important.


About 95% of the customers read online reviews about the businesses and product. And 57% of the customers go for the products and services that have 4 stars. And while positive reviews are important to draw a positive picture of the image, negative reviews can also have positive impact. Nevertheless, there needs to be an appropriate ratio between positive and negative reviews.

Social proof

You cannot overlook the importance of social connection with your customers. This is the reason that you need to ensure the social presence of your brand. Using social media profiles, you can connect with your customers on an emotional level.