How to Rank higher on Amazon

Ranking high on Amazon is the key to sales. If customers don’t’ see your listings, they won’t’ click. But, Amazon SEO is a bit different from other SEO. But, visibility is key, and here, we’ll tell you how to improve your rankings on Amazon. While it isn’t difficult to apply, ti’s incredibly important to know what to do in each of these situations, and understand what you need to change.

Amazon SEO is definitely a bit different.  it’s much simpler, and straighter to the point. People want product,s and they need to know what they’re looking for.  On google, typically the search intents are varied, such as informational, brand, or transactional searches, but with Amazon, it’s literally finding the product you’re looking for based on keywords.  Amazon’s ranking is a bit different, and the A9/A10 algorithm takes into account a few different things

Sales history, such as accumulated sales is a key ranking factor, ASIN reviews, and merchant history, so if you have good reviews, you rank higher, the average score of reviews, the higher being better, pricing and fulfillment, such as those that are sent by amazon, and also the stock/product availability as well. So to rank, first and foremost, you need to have good keyword research, and you should look at the search volumes, the seasonality, and the profit margins and review that thrid-party listings belonging to the same company may have. 

You also need to make sure that you have everything added to it. For example, the description of the product, bullet points to make it concise, product specs, any videos, images, and photos, keywords and other keywords that rank higher, and also updates and customer feedback, so if you have all fo that, chances are you’ll rank higher.

With product evaluation, you should always try to get at least five stars, and if there are complaints, you should give these customers a satisfactory solution.  You should make sure that you understand this to improve the product, and you should make sure that it falls into the right category. You can always improve your listing.  You should always work for good reviews to compensate for the bad ones.  You should make sure that you do balance out bought reviews too.

Now for reviews, encourage customers to give them to you. This is how you rank, and you should always keep customers informed on their order status, and you can even give value to this as well in order to help them.  You should also not be super pushy about this either.

You should work to perfect your listings, ad by doing all of this, you’ll be able to improve your rankings on Amazon, which means you’ll have more success, and in turn, generate a much better, more rewarding experience for your customers that you can give them.  Mastering the algorithm for amazon is a bit easier than google, and you can get the results that you want and the hits right away.