Generating Ideas for Fresh and Audience-Targeted Content

Being a content writer, you might sometimes find yourself in a position in which your brain is empty of the content ideas. In this scenario, you read article after article to find something which may qualify for being the origin of the content that you want to create. But you find nothing.

In this scenario, maybe you need to see the problem from a different angle. In other words, you may need to do the research with a new approach.

This new approach involves listening to your audience. You need to see what your audience would love to read. You will need to note their questions and problems. This is where you may be able to find something quite interesting for your audience.

Note that you will have to do some digging on order to get those content ideas.

Connect with your audience

Networking may be the best idea to get the content ideas. For this purpose, you can have conversation with the people from whom you can expect leads.

Before you connect with the people, you obviously need to know those people. And for this purpose, you can pay attention to the following points.

  • First you need to find people of your interest on social media. Follow them and interact with them.
  • Pay attention to the social activities and find opportunities to comment on posts.
  • You will soon be able to have your ideal people asking you questions. You don’t have to be afraid of answering them.
  • Message directly to the people you have established connection with.
  • Attend local events and conferences.
  • Note down the questions during the times of networking with other people.

Mining of live chats

If you have introduced the feature of live chat on your site, you will be able to get so many ideas for content. You can look at the conversation on live chat to look for the content ideas.

And if you are concerned about the SEO factor, you need to know the fact that Google gives importance to what users want to see. And so, the conversation over live chat can give you a nicer idea about what your viewers want to know. You can look at the conversation to extract some nice ideas about the content.

Listen to phone calls of confirmed sales

You can listen to the phone calls in which your sales representative would have made sales. If there is a series of phone calls involved in this process, you need to listen to all of those calls. You will be able to listen to the customers’ questions and you will also listen what your sales representatives would have answered. This way, you will not have to do much of research to find the answers of the questions. These voice conversations will give you nice ideas about the content that you can write for your website.