Important Elements That Make an Ideal Location Page

If you are operating your business on a local scale and you want to rank it for ‘near me’ searches, there is going to be a checklist of tasks that may need to perform. However, the most important task to talk about in this regard is the development of a location page.

The general rule is that you need to implement SEO to answer queries based on search intent. However, this is not the case with the optimization of the location pages.

In this article, we are going to discuss elements which can be quite helpful in the creation of effective location pages.


NAP is the abbreviation of Name, Address, and Phone Number. You need to use an exact copy of this information across all of the information resources including location page, Google My Business profile, and other citations.


When you are working with the location pages, you cannot ignore photos. In this scenario, we will start with the interior photos. With the help of interior photos, you basically tell your customers about what they need to expect in terms of internal environment of the business. Interior photos get even more important if the business you are running is associated with the healthcare industry.

External photos very important as they help the potential customers know about the physical location of the business in a bit more detail. You will have to make sure that external photos are covering signage, logos, parking and nearby businesses.

Another thing about the photos is their Mata data. You will have to make sure that you have attached this data with the photos because this data makes the photos eligible to appear in search results.

Description of business location

The description of business location mainly involves information regarding what your business does. Although you are going to have to give proper information about the business location in this description, you also need to tell your viewers about the type of your business, services and products that you offer, nearby locations, and a description about why your business should be preferred over your competitors.


Including a Call to Action is quite important for effective marketing of your business.However, not many marketers pay attention to it while developing location pages. While creating a CTA, you will have to make sure that it makes sense where it needs to be placed. Some notable CTAs include get directions (link to Google Maps), Reserve Table, Request Appointment, and Shop Now.

Embedding the map

Embedding a map into the location page can help in further elaboration of the business location. This is something your customers would want to see on your page. You can even use Google Maps API in order to create custom map solution for your customers.