How to Power Up the Link Building Process

One of the major problems with the link building is that most of the SEO projects fail to connect link building goals with the company goals. This is the reason that the effectiveness of link building seems to diminish over time.

Making the link building work

Connection between links and content

One of the major reasons for the failure of link building projects is their incompatibility with the business structure. This incompatibility is basically due to the disconnection between the link building process and rest of the business processes.

The biggest disadvantage of this approach is that a lack of synchronization remains between the link building and content strategy. In this scenario, the content team and the link building team remain disconnected from each other.

In other words, link building is not all about the links. It is mainly associated with a strategy to make the content going viral among the right audience.It means that link building supposedly supports the goals of the content. If you are building links without taking content into consideration, you are basically building links without any purpose.

Here is what John Mueller has said about the link building.

So especially if you’re active in an area where people tend not to link a lot… and where we do try to pick up other signals to see like this is actually a pretty good website.

Link building quotas and metrics

It’s OK to set the link building quotas for the link builders in every month. But a huge drawback to this approach is that the link builder may start getting desperate when they are unable to fulfill the requirements according to set quotas. As a result, they start doing things in haste which leads to the creation of links with no value. In other words, this approach can safely be termed as spamming.

In this scenario, it is quite important to make sure that you set realistic goals for your link builders. However, it is essential to monitor them to ensure quality of work.

Link building with the help of metrics

Suppose you have to build the links on high quality website and you have got the help of metrics. Now, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that the wrong use of metrics can lead to a totally irrelevant kind of link building. For instance, the concept of using websites with PageRank 4 has been quite popular among the link builders. However, many of the people have been totally ignoring the relevance of websites to be used for the link building. Now, the link building remains useless if you build links on the websites which are not related to your site.