Things to Consider In A PPC vs. SEO Debate

When it comes to ranking in the search engines, there are two basic approaches which the people can go for; i.e. PPC and SEO. Now, there is a never-ending debate about PPC vs. SEO. Some people say that PPC is the right and more effective way to get traffic while some insist that organic traffic brings permanent and long lasting results. in this scenario, the people who are not quite tech savvy get confused about the right way of internet marketing. They find themselves in a scenario in which their business marketing campaigns come to a stall due to the confusion in picking the right option.

The matter of fact is that both of the marketing methods are highly useful in their own ways. In most of the scenarios, you need both of the internet marketing strategies to work on in order to get quick and long lasting results.

Both methods cannot replace each other

Yes, it’s true that you need both of the search marketing methods. Both of these methods have their own strengths and weaknesses. PPC is good in driving the non-branded traffic while SEO is good at driving the branded traffic.

PPC is useful when a user is not aware about your brand. They search for a product and your product ad shows up on the top of the search results because you have used PPC. The user clicks your ad and buys from you.

Now, SEO might not be able to provide you with such results, or maybe it can. If you have done SEO of your website in an effective manner, your product or webpage may show up in the 5th spot in search engine page results when a user searches for the product or content you offer. And if you haven’t done effective SEO, your listing may not appear on the first page.

SEO is useful when the user knows about your brand. In that scenario, the user searches for the product along with the brand name and your site shows up. However, it is worth remembering that SEO tends to bring organic traffic. Although you may have to work very hard to get your website rank on the top, the ranking position is going to be long lasting.

Both the SEO and PPC are not free

A common perception about PPC is that it is not free; which is quite true. You have to pay for your ads to be displayed in search results. On the other hand, many people consider SEO free but the matter of fact is that it is not free. You have to invest your time and money in SEO.You will have to pay either the in-house SEO manager or an outdoor consultant.

The goal should be conversions

Although both SEO and PPC tend to bring traffic to the website, it is not the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign. You will have to use both of the strategies in a smart manner to make sure that the traffic coming to your website has full potential to lead to conversions.