What You Need to Know About the Search Engine Ranking Algorithm

Nearly half of the US online business transactions happen on Amazon, and with the e-commerce giant continuing to grow across a range of categories, it’s a viable option that you should always consider. However, sellers continue to struggle with the factors that impact whether people will see their products on Amazon.  There are few factors, however, and misconceptions that were recently debunked, along with some questions that were answered by the CEO of Amazon.

The A9 search engine algorithm has a myriad of factors that will affect the success of a business in the marketplace, and here are a few things that you need to know.

The A9 algorithm is an algorithm that composes different factors, both direct and indirect, that match the queries of users that are looking for products to purchase. Half the battle of Amazon is making sure that products get found, and according to the data provided from Amazon, about 70 percent of customers never go past the first page, and about 35% of shoppers click on the first product shown on a page. The first 3 items shown account for 64% of the clicks, and 81% of the clicks are on brands that are on the first page.  Competition in the SERP Amazon uses only grows more so.  Understanding this is how you’re going to make sales, and it’s important.

The goal of Amazon is to make sure that customers get the product,m and you want to convert to sales, but Google is more for research intent, which is what many people tend to forget.

The metrics are different as well, in that Amazon focuses on relevancy as that people will look at the product and find the right one based on search, so there is weight that is given to search behavior, but Google focuses on answers.

Sales play a huge part, so if you want to increase this, you need to look at sales velocity, since it is relative to what your competitor is doing, and it’s a measure of the conversion as well. You can increase this through ads. Display these, get featured ads, pay a little bit and get people to see it.

Premium content is also a big part of it.  Images, ads, and content to push your brand forward matter, the same with reviews.

Finally, make sure that you keep everything unique, maximize the character space that you have on these titles, utilize bullet points, and also channel successes and other such things.  Reviews are a big part of this too, and you should make sure that you have a lot of content, and lots of reviews, since reviews play a part in the conversion rate.

Following this, you can better understand the A9 algorithm, and you can utilize this in order to ensure that you get the most from this, and really bump up the conversions and the number of people that you have looking at your product.