Amazon Advertising Options

Amazon’s market has grown a lot, and one way they’ve grown is via Amazon Advertising. Brands can’t ignore the power that this has since it does market directly to customers. Most people use Amazon to do their online shopping, so it’s no wonder why this is important. There are more product searches down with Amazon than Google themselves, and that’s why they’re the third-largest platform. So what should you do as a seller?  You should consider trying out Amazon advertising.

Remember, the algorithm is complex, with lots of factors playing into this when you rank them, and Amazon is cracking down on manipulating reviews and anything that could change this.  You need to make sure that you focus on advertising a lot more too.

Rather than focusing solely on reviews, you can use Amazon advertising for conversions, with this leading to more product reviews, traffic, and conversions, which will improve ranking.  When working with this, the ranking problem is solved by Amazon advertising and different offers.

You will need to advertise, especially if your product isn’t niched, but the more niche it is, the more you’re going to have to spend on this.  For most though, the cost of advertising is less than what you’d spend on say, Google or something

So how do you advertise? Sponsored products are usually the most popular method, and brands have used this for years to target shoppers. You can use match types that are familiar, and you can use keyword matching. Anyone who is a seller on Amazon KDP or vendor central can participate in the sponsored products option.

There is also keyword indexing, which you should make sure you do, in order to make it relevant.  Your product will be indexed like this so that Amazon can advertise this.

You can also use sponsored brands program, which is used for those within seller central who have registered this with the brand registry program, and the vendor central platform.

This allows you to have a banner ad near the top and bottom of the search results page, and you can target shoppers here based on keywords.  This gives you more creative control adding the tagline you want and you can display products within this.

Finally, you have product display ads. They aren’t as popular since it’s different from advertising. Usually, these have a lower conversion rate, but they’re great for the book industry.  You can use this with KDP if you want to generate success. This will allow various ads to show up, so you can market these, and have the company’s detail page, and you can have it appear as a buy box, allowing you to have an assortment of different products that will cross-sell to customers.

These are different ways to advertise, and in turn, you can create the best advertising experience that you can on Amazon. These options are great, and you’ll be able to create products that help with your brand and building them as well.