How to Use Amazon OneTag

OneTag is a JaveScript that’s used to help affiliates see sales data and monetize the traffic internationally. It isn’t a new program, but if you’re not using it, you can profit from this. OneTag is used to help those affiliate publishers get the insights they have on their content and how it performs at the page level by using matching products to pages that are originated. It also will help to monetize the traffic automatically, to help affiliates earn the money they need to.

OneTag is a Javascript file and OneClick is a feature that allows you to monetize the traffic.  Content shows that affiliates that use this are monetizing well. The information will tell the publishers what topics people like to see, and you can look to see which items are selling and doing well, and from there extrapolate and figure out which pages are doing well from this. Amazon’s OneTag tells you where people are selling from. It’s super easy to connect this. What you do, is log into the Affiliates console, navigate to the Content Insights tab, and then choose Content Performance, and from there, you can choose a time period, along with a website to look at.

You can look at the page level affiliate data, such as the clicks, items ordered, earnings, and revenue.

OneTag collects the personal data that you need so you can look at this, including any IP addresses for fraud detection to access the quality of the traffic.  They use other fraud detection programs to help find out if there are any unusual pieces of traffic laying about, and any fraud that needs to be detected.

You can monetize this to relevant Amazon pages locally, and it’s called OneClick.  It allows for a better experience for the user for visitors and will monetize international traffic. Affiliate publishers can monetize this traffic by adding the JavaScript code.

How this works is simple.  Affiliates can choose either the close match or the exact match of the product that’s clicked through. It appears as a close match that redirects the user to more products, but if an exact match is advertised and unavailable, it will be redirected to this.  This means, that you can get some great conversions and sales from this, and ultimately boost it up to various rankings. It makes a world of a difference, and ultimately, you can use this to drive sales.

This is the perfect tool for those Amazon affiliates that are struggling to get their products seen, and it’s super simple to set up. It’s easy to use, and if you’re an affiliate marketer that wants to redirect people to their site, this is the ultimate way to go. Remember, Amazon wants products to be sold since they get a small chip of the profits, so it can be used by many to help boost and increase sales, and ultimately, create the perfect opportunity for you as a user to create a great experience.