Five Lessons Sellers can Take from Great Amazon SEO

Selling on the marketplace is a huge thing, and you have to win to get the competition to come to you. Shoppers want fast and cheap, and they won’t spend forever looking for someone to buy from. How do you succeed then/ Well, here are five selling tips that can make your ability to sell with others even better than ever before?

  • Optimize the Platform
    Now, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you usually get caught up in the hubbub of that. But, you should also get ready to optimize the platform as best as you can.
    You should follow these SEO strategies, and make sure that you do optimize on the platform itself. You shouldn’t treat the listings exactly like the site, because while these tactics are transferable, they won’t’ allow you to get the end goal, which is a big part.
    So how do you do this? Well, here are a few things.
  • Long-Tail Keywords in Product Names are Your Best
    Shoppers want to find what they need quickly, which is usually through long-tail keywords. You should make sure that you make it so that they can find the products accurately, and give the products the chance of ranking and converting. This also includes using keywords, brand names to be specific, and keyword research to help with this.
  • Be Unique
    Unlike other places, Amazon doesn’t give you punishment for content that’s duplicated, but having boring content doesn’t help with conversions. You should differentiate oneself from your competitors by giving more data on the product, and don’t make people hesitate because they’re not sure of features, but instead give lots of info. Also give lots of content that will tell the shopper that you want to purchase it, so that it can be done fast. Make sure that you do avoid huge walls of texts though, and use concise languages with this.
  • Analyze your competitors.
    The key to this is competitive analysis, and don’t just focus on the obvious, but instead delve deeper into the experience that the customer has in order to get insight on how to beat competitors. Ranking within the marketplace doesn’t just happen offhand, but it requires research.
    With this, you need to look at what words competitors are ranking for, the popular keywords, and how have competitors approached different product titles. You should look outside of Amazon for inspiration but then go to the platform for implementation.

    You should also look at pricing because it can dramatically change the game so that you can win this. Sometimes even a one-cent difference might be worth it, but always make sure that you’re not undercutting yourself so that you’re ruining your profits within the long term. Also, consider how your products get filtered as well.
  • Use Imagery and Accurate Data
    having accurate imagery and data does change the conversions, because just like good on-page SEO, this will give you as much info as possible, allowing you to make the right changes. Do have high-quality images with perfectly clear dimensions and other information. Also, don’t let the negative reviews and the returns impact the ranking of the seller, but instead communicate your information effectively in order to include the next item for comparison.
  • Customer Reviews
    Finally, you need these review.s these lead to sales since it encourages those to leave feedback and help you out. You should include a review prompt on there, but don’t be pushy, and maybe offer an incentive if possible.
    You should try to get reviews for your products along with ratings since customers will look for both, and metrics do impact the sales and decisions. Also, don’t be afraid of negative reviews, since the 100% positive seller ratings don’t always increase conversions, due to the fact that it’s not realistic and as truthful. Because let’s be honest, nobody is perfect most of the time.
    When it comes to ranking high on Amazon, you should definitely make sure that you follow these five tips, since they will allow you to make a decision fast, and will help you get better and allow you to rank higher than ever on Amazon like you’ve never done before.