Some Insights of Local Search in 2017

Since local search is emerging, it is going through a lot of changes. If we look at the position of local search a year back, it seemed quite different from what it has now become. So, no matter how much you hate it but you need to change your techniques and tactics if you really want to be successful at local search.

Having that said, it is worth mentioning some major changes which have made local search quite different from what it was a couple of years ago.

Customer data                                                             

Effective advertisement is everything for small businesses. Here, the most important aspect of advertisement is to reach to the people who would actually take interest in buying your product or service. And since there are more devices connected to internet, it gets really important for the businesses to identify their true domains, even when it comes to local search. A few years ago, marketing of one product or service in a metropolis on general basis was considered to be an effective tactic. Now, companies have to pick specific domains even in the metropolis in order to be successful. For that purpose, customer data can be of huge benefit.

Offline behavior analysis for better prediction of online actions

While you can stick to online tools like Google Analytics to make predictions about online scenario, it cannot be a successful tactic for local search. Public interests in particular categories vary when we move from one location to another. Hence, it becomes difficult for one to identify accurate needs of a locality based on online behaviors. Therefore, you can do some offline research to find out about the interests of people in different localities.

Influence of Facebook

Among many other social networking platforms, Facebook has retained its dominance over entire social media. Facebook ads, in particular, have been very effective in content marketing in this regard. Facebook’s Algorithm is quite smart in finding users of specific needs in specific locations in order to show them the ads they can actually find some interest in. the major reason is that Facebook has complete database with information about every user with complete details.

Surge in Google Images search

According to statistic, Google images are searched more than all non-Google searches. It proves dominance of Google on entire web. However, it could be disappointing from marketing perspective that most of the business fail to use this feature for the fullest. For now, Google images seem to attract wider audience but there is less competition on it. SEOs can use this scenario as an opportunity to get their businesses on top while it remains to be an easy thing. All you need to do is to have good quality images of your products. Effective image optimization is the right way to make images your best SEO resource.