Google’s Guidelines for Improved Content Rating

The Search Quality Rating Guidelines by Google are now released. These guidelines tell us about the parameters of a website’s quality. Here is a little summary of main guidelines which would help you in getting improved user ratings.


  • Having a lot of content on your site isn’t going to help you. Google rather focuses on how useful the existing content is for the viewers. Therefore, if you have an ecommerce website, the better rating of your website would not depend upon the amount of content but it will mainly involve viewers’ interaction and buying experience.
  • Another way to get your web page rated by viewers is to embed the poll option at the end of the post or page. It is called award and review. This poll encourages users to give rating to the page. Although this aspect isn’t discussed thoroughly in Google’s guidelines but it is certainly the area which holds importance that cannot be ignored.
  • One of the most important rating guidelines by Google includes better user experience. Since Google is now all about quality of content, it equally focuses on how fruitful the interaction with a website for a viewer is. The elements that define better user experience include suitable font size, theme, design, website structure, ease in navigation and the website’s background images. Moreover, Google has emphasized majorly on the site’s speed. This emphasis has been even stronger since the number of mobile internet users has started to grow.
  • The business-to-customers and business-to-business websites need to have rich content that would explain things well. The content should be comprehensive and it should include the main content as well as the supplementary content. Main content is the information that you create specifically for the web page. Supplementary content involves videos, images and quotes that you embed into your page to make things more explanatory.
  • Google states clearly in the new guidelines that only way to get better rating for the website is to make website optimized for user’s interest. If you aren’t able to get viewer’s attention, Google is not going to promote you in any way. Now, the interest of user is based on a number of elements which include better site speed, less number of ads, and instant display of accurate information which the user is intending to engage with.