How to Earn Links By Doing Newsworthy Things

PR and link building go together pretty easily, but in order for PR to be effective in link building, you need the correct approach. You need to have a story that’s worth telling, especially from the audiences’ perspective though.

However, just because you’ve got a story that’s newsworthy, doesn’t mean you’ll get the links.

Many news publications will make it a rule to not even use Nofollow attributes, and they may not even link out at all sometimes. There isn’t a reason to not use this though, since coverage in trusted publications with big audiences, carries a lot more value that goes past the link potential too.

As a result, many people earn links that are valuable from these other publications, and we know that search engines will ignore the Nofollow attribute in a few cases too.

That said, once you have a story that is newsworthy, you’ll need to pitch it over to the right people at the correct time, in a way that makes the value to the audience very immediately and very obvious as well.

But, some people like to use shortcuts, such as submitting these green press releases to PR newswire, blasting self-promotional stories to social media, and also indiscriminately pitching media contacts regardless of the relevance, r even a lack thereof of this.

Doing this won’t’ get you any coverage, but you’ll also get ignored in the future. It might even ensure that you’ll never succeed, and of course, you deserve it.

So now that we’ve discussed what not to do, what should you do? Well, this is important, and the first thing that you need to do is do something newsworthy.

So what is newsworthy? Well, think about the current news, the location of publication, and also being the first, biggest, or having a particularly good or bad story to this as well.

You should try to invent something useful and interesting. Such as when the iPhone came out, or even the Tesla. But, you can think about low-tech inventions that solve issues. For example, Roof max tried an invention of a solution, which means that when you put it on a roof, it makes it last longer.

While inventions aren’t seen as cool to say a tesla, they’re definitely newsworthy.

Next, you want to do stuff that’ll impact a group. Look at your audience, and do something that’ll impact these guys.

Don’t just go with a tribunal conversation on facebook. For example, you should target specific groups, and lobby against different things, or also look for groups that contribute to nonprofit.s work towards these guys and try to target them.

This will get people interested, and you want to work towards specific people that’ll help you ou.

Finally, consider achieving milestones such as revenue, employee number, the size of deals, or partnerships. In order for people to care, it needs to be significant. Large real estate deals, you need to look at the achievements that you’ve had. Even some local notoriety is important.

However, you shouldn’t use this all the time, since you can only yammer about the achievements that you have for so long before people will tune you out.

Finally, think small. Try to start out small and remember that it doesn’t happen overnight. Anything that has some sort of media coverage will need some work to achieve, so get ready to put the pedal to the metal, and try tow rok on the new work. You will start to push through this, and consider adding charities to this. Creating news stories is hard, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but these tips can help.