SEO Strategies you need to focus on this year

When it comes to the new year, you’re probably wondering where to begin. Heck, it’s already March, and you may wonder as well where you should be focusing. Here, we’re going to talk about some areas you need to focus on, and why they matter.

First is on-SERP SEO, and that’s essential because there is actually a decline in mobile and organic clicks, along with “no-clicks searches” on the rise. What that means is, the paid and SEO clicks are declining, with users getting them from the SERP and not the site, and it can kinda stink. But, you should start looking to get more visibility on the SERPs that are out there, and it’s an actionable practice that you should look into. You need to get more creative with the way your campaigns work, and you’ll want to make sure that you do focus on targeting certain aspects, work on improving the google my business listing, sync up the retail and organic efforts with the paid keywords to see where it converts and increase, and look to start building content the SERPs will want.

Next, start to look at trying to put content together that’s high-quality, and will answer questions. You’ll want to realize at some point that Google is indeed appropriating the content to the interface and getting the questions that are answered without having them go to the site. The best strategy for this is to prepare for the future, and you want to start to build content that talks about the problems, and actually answer the questions since it will help with increasing your business.

Next, we need to look at the site health. Remember that regardless of how amazing the content and the brand is, you’ll never get the full organic potential if the foundation sucks. That means, you need to look at the site’s crawlablity, and it’s important to understand that your page speed, the mobile friendliness which Google judges sites on now, duplicate content is eliminated, the javascript indexing is right, looking at the index bloat and stopping that, and also the overbearing security, where Google may hit some walls when checking the site. Technical SEO is just as important and as on-page SEO in many cases.

Then there is voice search. With the use of smart home devices, it’s become almost an obsession with this. don’t worry so much about it. it’s not as big as you thought that t would be, and it’s actually not doing as much good as it should be. The biggest thing to do, as an SEO technician, is to start looking at the general health of the site, working on bettering that and the content, and looking to increase traffic to SERPs. This is the simple, yet effective means to truly master this, and if you’re looking to make sure that you do have a better means to build success with this, you’ll be able to easily, and successfully.