Factors to Consider to Rank High on Amazon

If you’re competing to be visible, and to have higher rankings on search engine pages, you need to get onto the first page. Being on the first page is important since about 70% of Amazon shoppers never go past it.  The key to figuring out how to get past this is to figure out the A9 algorithm. It will take a variety of different factors into account that will be the basis that you use to create the listing that you want. Here are some factors to consider when you’re trying to beef up your Amazon ranking.

The Sales Rank

This is a value that Amazon puts forward to generate how a product is selling compared to similar products in the same category.  The value is placed there in the listing of the product. It is updated every hour, and since it can’t be controlled or manipulated, it’s a metric that describes the performance of the product when compared to others.  You should always look at the competing products to see what you’re up against.


The customer reviews system is one the best since it allows buyers to figure out the quality of the product before purchase, so it is a ranking factor. Those that are ranked higher get a ranking boost. But it isn’t just the quality, but instead the sheer number of reviews.  If you have a product, always ask buyers to leave reviews, and encourage better scores with this in regards to the factors of ranking.

Questions that are answered.

Customer questions that are answered are another factor, since it can tell others what you are buying.  These can be answered within the community, so others will give you the answers that you need to. As the seller though, you can give other information to these buyers.

Those sellers that have listings that are informative and contribute towards the ranking are actually ranked higher.  The weight of this is not revealed, but it’s good to answer questions so that even if you don’t have a boost for ranking, you can still increase sales generation.

Rate of Conversion

Amazon wants you to sell as many products as you can, so you should have a better conversion rate.  You can’t manipulate this directly, but you can create a deal that’s better for the consumer, so that sales are created.  As a seller, you need to have competitive prices so that you’ve got higher conversions and a better chance of being in a higher spot and to increase the odds and potential slot on the page. By increasing the conversion rate, you can bring new people to the marketplace to dislodge the listings that aren’t doing well when looking at it from a conversion standpoint.

Satisfaction and retention

Amazon cares about customer experience, which means that you need to give better overall service. By getting positive feedback, the order defect along with the refund rate all contribute to the higher rankings.  You should consider Amazon like a store, and customers will come in to get physical products. You should consider being friendly, and help others that need help. You should keep this mindset in order to boost your rankings.

Completeness of the product listing and relevancy

These two factors matter a lot, since there are too many products that are on Amazon that don’t have complete descriptions, which ruins the buying experience, since the customer can’t look at the product and get the information that they need for this. You want product descriptions with detail, and you should look at how competitors do it, since learning by example is a good way to figure these things out.  

Relevancy is another. Make sure that it’s categorized right, and it’s put in the correct place, so that you’re able to get the best results that you can from this, and to make it even better than you have before.  

With these seven factors, you too will be able to watch your Amazon ranking and improve your ability to convert and improve your sales no matter what other sellers do. By following this, you will indeed have the success you want to have no matter what.