Tactics to Use Amazon as a Search Tool

Frequently, we usually only think of Google as an SEO tool, however, there are other websites that actually can be used with SEO tactics because they have search engines within them.  One of them is Amazon, with over 200 million products, and it’s one of the largest online retailers out there.  It’s also a great tool because it’s one that allows pretty much everyone to start their own business, and it’s easy to do because of the Fulfilment by Amazon and the Kindle Direct Publisher platforms.

Amazon Search Tool

However, what makes this better than Google is the fact that most of these people are buyers, and they know what types of products they want.  Now, with this is the fact that you want sales instead of keyword clicks, and it is a way to help powerfully increase one’s business.  Now, what you’ll learn in this article is a bit about Amazon, and how to really get the most out of the Amazon Algorithm.

The first part is the algorithm itself, which is was started in 2003 and is called A9.  It is used to help increase the traffic and give the user the right products to show to them to buy.  It will take on-page and off-page information to help them find what they need.  Now, the major difference between the two is the fact that product sales conversion is probably the most important element.  Sales conversion is what you want, and you want to make sure that you know how to market that.

The first thing to remember is you want immediate sales, that means recent sales.  Sometimes some products are higher than others simply because of recent sales, and it’s what you should keep in mind, especially during the holidays.

Then there are verified reviews.  These are the most powerful elements in an Amazon page ranking, because it shows that someone bought it, and they left a review, and it’s a part of the algorithm.  It shows that it’s an honest review, and it shows whether or not the product is good, which is important to know, and it can increase the sales.

Then there is the click through rate, or CTR.  This shows to Amazon that it has been clicked on and has been looked at.  However, Amazon takes it a step further by also looking at the Click to Sales, or CTS.  Seeing this can change the rankings between two products by manifold.

Amazon Search Tool

Then there is the sales page content.  You want to have the content showcase what the product is, and you want to have headers, text, keywords, a title, subtitle, product description, and all of this.  These are put in the algorithm and will choose where your product is placed, so make sure to fill this out.

Then there are the special keywords, which is the category for your item.  Don’t shirk on this, because it’s very important.

Keeping all of these in mind will increase your sales, and it is an SEO tactic to increase sales by manifold.