Tips for Amazon Listing Optimization

If you want your product on Amazon to be searched organically, there are two main aspects you will need to work on. One is the keyword relevance of content on your product page, and second one is the sales.

Conversion of views into sales puts direct positive impact on your product in getting promoted to top ranks within Amazon search pages. Nevertheless, you will need to make your product visible on Amazon in first place. For that, there are two perspectives from which you can get your product content optimized.

Data Optimization of Product

Filling all the field with correct data should be the very first thing while you create your product page. If you are using the data feed, you will have to make sure that all fields are accurately filled otherwise your product will not be considered by Amazon and hence it will not show up in any of Amazon product search page.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Filling data in category fields is one of the most important data optimization aspects which cannot be overlooked. Amazon offers several optional fields for category which you can use to make your product discoverable from a number of perspectives.

Content Optimization

Keyword research and content optimization of Amazon product directly benefits product’s discoverability. It is also very helpful in making the Amazon product page visible to different other search engines. Since the keyword data in Amazon isn’t displayed in a way like Google, finding a product in Amazon might not be as straightforward as that of finding in Google. Therefore, the best way to do keyword research for Amazon is to use Google keyword tool. You will need to search for the products that belong to the category of your product in order to identify strong points in keyword research.

Amazon product title space is big. You can use this space to mention the name of product, brand, type and model. However, try not to make it like a spam.

Product description and specifications are also play very important role in making the product appreciable not only for Amazon search bots but for the viewers too. In the product description, you can go with the blogging style but make sure to stick with to-the-point approach. In the specification fields, you can discuss technical aspects followed by advantages of those aspects in every bullet point.

By focusing on content and data optimization of product in Amazon, you can bring your product in Amazon’s spotlight and you will surely see your product in SERPs. Moving further, you will need to be truthful with data you provide and work on quality of service. This will help you to increase your sales and at the same time improve the product’s rank.