How to Effectively USE Amazon SEO Ad Budgets

Amazon ad budgets are growing, in that it’s moved up about 50% since most of the previous readings. With the shifting budget, however, comes the need for international SEO.  A report that notes what used to be Google’s share of … Read More... “How to Effectively USE Amazon SEO Ad Budgets”

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Amazon is a Search Advertising Powerhouse

Amazon is known for siring the dominance in the e-commerce market, and other segments that have helped, including Amazon web service, but they’re now becoming the advertising giant as well.

More than $10 billion in advertising revenue was generated from … Read More... “Amazon is a Search Advertising Powerhouse”

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The Basics of Amazon Marketing

Amazon used to do books only, but now they essentially do everything. They provide grocers, videos, cloud storage, music, and even some physical places. They actually have an advertising platform as well, and that’s called Amazon marketing services.  There isn’t … Read More... “The Basics of Amazon Marketing”

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