Factors That Make Website Design Important For SEO

Any website’s performance depends upon a number of different factors. It is unfortunate that most of the people give attention to a couple of things for the digital marketing benefit of their websites but they ignore other factors which may be equally important.

The thing is; if you want to do well in SERPs, you will have to consider things beyond SEO.The most important element in this regard is the web design. Both web design and SEO work in conjunction to bring a website in the spotlight. The logic is quite simple. Users are going to stay on your website after finding it in the top position of SERPs if the website design is supportive according to their expectations.

Now, we are going to talk about the elements where SEO and web design collaborate.

Mobile friendliness

Business hand writing SEO process by using diagram

It has become a well-established fact that a website needs to perform well on mobile screen if it needs attention from both search engines and users. With the use of smartphone becoming more mainstream people expect websites to load faster in smaller screens; and that too without any important design and functionality components missing.

In this scenario, it becomes extremely important for the website design to be mobile friendly. A website unable to load properly on smartphones sends bad signals to Google, ultimately getting its ranking affected in SERPs.

Easy to read design

Content is one of the most important elements of any SEO strategy. In many cases, websites owners fail to realize the impact of bad web design on the content. If your website has poor web design, your viewers will not be able to get what they come for on your site.

Examples of poor design that makes content unreadable include blocks of content in strange places, and too many hyperlinks without any clear purpose. Such design mistakes are going to increase bounce rate of your website.

Website speed

You may be wondering about the reason for your website being slower. It could have something to do with the design of your website. Certain design elements make the website load with the speedof a snail in the browser. What’s alarming about this situation is that it can be highly detrimental for your technical SEO.

Remember, your websites inability to load faster may be the major reason for its ranking decline. You need to keep it in mind that page speed is a famous ranking signal. Therefore, it is important that you speed up your website by removing any unnecessary plugins, optimizing the images, and allowing browser cache.

Remember, the ideal load speed of the website is 2 seconds. If it is taking 3 seconds to load, half of the viewers are going to abandon it and turn to any other faster website.


Now we will talk about the feature that makes it easy for search engine bots to crawl through the website. It’s the website’s sitemap. A sitemap is much like table of contents that allows search engines to have a look at all of the pages and content on your site.In many cases, this feature helps in user navigation.