Importance of Coordination between Links and Content

The process of encouraging links can be improved for some sites if the work is done on their content. While this is the very process of link building, SEO experts do not call it the link building process due to link building’s common perception, which is not quite positive.

The reason links and content need to coordinate with each other is that Google pay huge attention to the context between the page where the link is places and the page the link is pointing at. User’s search query is also focused in this regard.

In this scenario, we will talk about the process from angle of how the link graph is formed. This graph is the usually organized by topic or niche. Now, an ideal link needs to be from a site that belongs to the topically relevant part of the link graph.

Now, it is important for the page, on which the link is originating, to be topically relevant. And that link needs to be placed on a website which is topically relevant. And that site needs to be associated with the topically relevant part of the link graph.

Context of the link, context of the page where the link is being placed, and the intent of the user making the query need to match because is the way a successful outcome can be predicted.

This is where you can look at the trending topics. More sites tend to link to the content that has any association with the trending topics. In this scenario, if you are able to produce the content which is has a relation with the trending topics, you are more likely to get more links from the other sites.

It becomes important here to produce coordination between the link building side that is in the search of sites for linking and the content side which is associated with the creation of content surrounding the topics. The successful coordination can help your site become more popular.

If you look at the general behavior in the content creation department, you will find that content creation tends to be treated as something which needs to be isolated from what’s going on in the link building department; and that is quite unfortunate. The outcome of the websites could be quite better if link building is considered as an informed partner right from the start.

Since both content and links focus on users, keeping both of them isolated from each other is not going to be quite fruitful. Therefore, it is quite important to make sure that your content and link acquisition are aligned not only with what users want but also with each other.