How to Mine Competitor websites for keywords.

Do you feel like you could do so much more if you just cracked codes on the traffic that happens to your website? The truth is, there isn’t a sneaky trick or silver bullet that lets you dominate organic search, but you probably can still tap into keyword opportunities, and you can do it by mining the website for untapped keyword opportunities, and here, we’ll discuss how you can do that.

First, you need to identify the competitors and not just the direct ones, but the website that is outranking yours for core topics, and if they are getting in front of visitors before you have a chance, they are the competitor from the search perspective. From here, you need to find out the websites that rank, using SEMrush, and from there, you can enter the URL, and then click the “view full report” button on top of the top organic keyword, and from there you’ll get a comprehensive list, which has topics both predictable and surprising.

From here, you analyze the data, looking at topics you probably have never thought of. In fact, in some niches, these keyword research tools may not even have accurate data, and this happens a lot for the more obscure topics. For example, maybe you see a phrase that’s used in the particular industry but has zero search volume, and from there, you have accurate knowledge that it’s responsible for many visits, and immediately target that phrase.  You should definitely make sure that you don’t just rely on the data that’s provided with this, and it’s a good starting point, but you’ll need to go deeper in order to get the hidden gems.

From here, you expand into the tangentially related websites and more opportunities. there’s a lot of relevant topics that most of the competitors aren’t talking about, but that your customers are potentially interested in. these topics won’t be tied completely to the intent of the buyer. While that might seem counterintuitive to target thee, it offers a powerful chance because it lets you reach people earlier in the process of buying, giving your brand a lot of potential buyers for the competition. It also lets you have more expertise and more trust.

You essentially are looking to create more comprehensive content that answers the questions that you have within every single stage of the buying process, hoping that you’re more knowledgeable than the competitors and that you care about serving them as much as you do selling your services and products, and from there, you can identify the websites that competitors link to, and websites linking to them, and from there, you can choose the websites that you feel best represents the brand, making it worth it.

There are a lot of ways to really make it so that our brand shines in the world of SEO, and here, we can look at the different keywords competitors use that you can take advantage of as well.