Ranking the Cannabis Content

With the use of cannabis in medicine, this industry is exploding in the US. Even the shifting of the legal framework on a daily basis is not stopping entrepreneurs and researchers from investing in this rising industry. They all seem to oblige every rule and regulation in order to keep earning from this industry.

In this scenario, the marketing is surely playing a bigger role. There are loads of content available about cannabis already; and it makes pretty challenging for the marketers to beat the competition. Ranking the cannabis content is nothing less than a serious challenge.

However, this is also the fact that content about cannabis available in the web doesn’t portray the use of cannabis in medical perspectives. This is why we consider cannabis as a drug which is only meant to be abused. But the matter of fact is that cannabis offers a lot of amazing medical benefits. And this is the very reason that starting the SEO to portray cannabis as a medical drug is an opportunity which the SEOs should not miss.

Future proofing the cannabis SEO

First of all, you will need to secure your spot to do effective SEO. For this purpose, you will need to get in content with the suppliers of medical marijuana. And more importantly, you will need to purchase a web hosting to build your website.

If you are required to move to an international supplier of medical marihuana, do it.

SEO opportunities

When it comes to finding SEO opportunities, the first thing to take into consideration is the keyword research. A sample of data based on keywords like Cannabis, marijuana, CBD, hemp, tinctures and seeds is worth sharing in this regard.

Based on this data, you will be able to find out about the opportunities to increase traffic against the specified keywords. The sample data was extracted using Ahrefs. The setting referred to the domain was set to below 5. This way, you will find creative content ideas. And the best part is that this content is capable of ranking without many links.

Choosing target keywords based on difficulty

Which keyword difficulty is the right one for your website? Surely you will want to go for the easier options. If your website is a brand new one, it is going to be OK for you to stick to 10.

However, there is a trick you can consider working on if you have an established website and you are looking for more keywords. Pull out a ranking report and then filter by rankings between 1 and 10. If you already have many successful keywords, you can filter between 1 and 5. Put this keyword list in ‘Keyword Explorer’, export and then calculate the average difficulty.

This trick is specifically beneficial if you have too many keywords and you want to determine the difficulty of new keyword which you want to use in order to create content.

Write content

Now that you have keywords, it turns to create the content. Make sure that you are doing extensive research before writing on any topics. Don’t forget to get an expert opinion about the topic. Since you are writing about the cannabis to be used for the purpose of medical benefits, you cannot afford to misinform people about anything just for the sake of filling pages.