How to Use Trending Tops to Build Links

If you’re an expert SEO that wants to increase your presence online, you should know that engaging in SEO-friendly content is the key to attracting high-quality links and traffic organically.  You may wonder how you can, and the use of trending topics is something that will allow you to develop content that’s linkable, shareable, or clickable. Here are some ways to attract links and the targeted traffic.

First, you should keep up with the times. You should stay ahead of the trends as much as you can. Every time you see articles on a topic, it’s too late for that, but using google trends, and other places where you find out about new stories is the key to success. Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are great ways to stay ahead of times in order to ensure that you keep everything neatly in place.

Next, look out for opportunities in order to create some amazing content. Doing this goes beyond writing the spinoff of a current article, or even an opinion piece on an event that’s happening currently.  You should keep it within the brand, and start to organize content that follows this but also connects to your brand as well.

From here, develop the best content that’s sharable.  The beauty of using content that follows trending topics is they usually are low risk with high rewards.  While it does take some trial and error, it does offer minimal investment.  You should choose the best format for this, such as blog posts, or whatever you feel will best work with this. You may want to try different forms of content, such as a listacle, or even a comic that depicts this.  You want to aim for a wider audience, a wider audience means that it will be shared all around the web, building traffic, and it can attract links as well. Adding images and such will help you too, and people will share the different content, and it will help with different types of information, and by adding other features, so it’s easy to repurpose the contnet.  Finally optimize for search and if you arne’t versed in SEO just yet, you can work with contnet marketers or SEO copywriters in order to make sure your contnet follows the best SEO practices. Even if it’s not fully optimized, you want to make sure it’s optimzied across all platforms, and from there, you can optimize this for sharing.

Finally, repurpose this across all platforms, and you should circulate the content on this.  Simply sharing only to Facebook won’t get you the traffic and links that you want.  You should try to have it on multiple social media platforms, including youtube, Facebook Live, Instagram stories, an email campaign, a piece circulated to niche facebook groups, or whatever. Just get the word out.

This is the best way to stay on top of the trends, and use the trends that are there to build traffic and access too.