Using the SERP for your Keyword Lists

Are you someone that hates keyword lists and they keep you up at night? Well, that’s something that every SEO goes through.  there’s a lot that goes into getting the right keywords, and you need to actually create one that is based on the SERP.  we’ll tell you here why you should try to build a keyword list based on the people ask box and what they search for, and how this can change the game.

If you aren’t already using the keyword goldmine of the Google-approved search terms, that’s what you’re going to miss out on.  These link to new SERPs from the terms that are related to your query.  As a result, they give great insight into how the users narrow down, follow up, or even refine the searches to reveal the tops that are overlooked. Google has put a ton of effort into understanding and mapping how these are all linked, and these SERP features are the result of this. Google is literally pushing you in the direction to tell you how to search, which is important.

There is also the People also Ask box, and this is actually that accordion feature that contains questions related to the query, and it is expanded to show the answers that are pulled from this. Not only are they great long-tail keywords, they’re amazing for inspiration, because the different ways that you can ask the basic questions will allow you to get hundreds of keywords, and a seemingly endless supply of keywords to track.

You may wonder when you use this how people ask these questions and if people are asking them, well the truth is Google is not always selecting the answers based on search queries, but they do have some volume, so sometimes, it can be good for you to have this there.  You can use a .CSV report to figure out what the best questions are, and the URLs google got the questions from, and the order they appear in so that you can figure out which ones are legit or not.

Finally, you have related searches.  you’ll see this at the bottom of Google, and it’s basically what Google thinks might be interesting to those who have searched the different questions. This is another great thing to look into, and you can also put the search volume onto there, and the related searches, throwing all of this onto a clean spreadsheet for generating content.

You’ll be given thousands of keywords, and if you want to use the people also search for box, it still works wonders. If you’re looking for an easy, surefire way to build the best keyword list that you can, and to really kickstart this into the success that you’d like to have, then this is the best way to do it, and you’ll be able to, with this, build the biggest lists that you can and keywords that can be helpful as well.