The Google Update Florida 2

This is an update to the new algorithm, and it’s called a broad core update.  it’s called Florida 2, and it’s a big update.

So how big is this?  it’s important, and there are claims that it’s one of the biggest in years. In previous years, whenever there was an update, it meant that there was an incorporation of something that changed how sites ended up in the ranking, and the last one was called Neural Matching, happening last year.  It may be pretty wide in terms of how it’s implemented.

The board core update means that it’s not happening to any specific niche or signals but instead, it’s working to not target anything.  In the industry, the SEO professionals theorized that Google does target some industries, but the broad core updates won’t be targeting the websites, niches, or qualities, and that’s why in these updates, there isn’t anything to fix.  it’s used to set aside the preconceived notions that Google is targeting those low page quality or niches, but instead, it’s focusing on the relevance related factors.

The way to respond to it is that it does change how search queries are interpreted, which is how pages get ranked, and there are other factors as well, such as links that can be affected too.

The purpose of this is to help with better understanding of the search queries and the web pages, and these improvements are made to match search queries to webpage sand to improve the satisfaction of the users. The underlying goal is to improve the overall user satisfaction in terms of how others respond to this.

Once the broad core updates are done, you may see changes to the way that searches are done, and the way to improve the web page relevance so that ti’s answered adequately within the search query itself.

So why is it called Florida 2? well, the Florida update was done in the early 2000s, and it was named because it coincided with the Pubcon Florida SEO conference, and this one may also be called that because of this.

So, what is there to fix in this? Well, in a sense yes. What this means though is that the relevance of the content or the links to search queries create changes on the Google side of things. It can be challenging to figure out why a page isn’t’ ranking, but there are clues that are there. it’s not a huge update that will hurt any resources, but it will affect how queries are ultimately handled, but it’s a good way to understand the update, especially since it’s happening quite soon, and it’s something that SEO professionals should look at, not as a reason for why a site isn’t performing, but to understand that search queries may be a little bit affected by this.

This post showcased the importance of understanding the broad core updates, and why you should put some attention on it since it is something that is important.