Why you should do programmatic advertising with Paid Search

With the search marketers out there, the programmatic auction is a whole different beast. Understanding this can be a lot harder than launching an ad campaign, and they don’t’ usually work together, that is till recently. We are seeing new and powerful examples of programmatic being paired with other marketing channels.

it’s on the rise, and people are already winning with it, since it combines the power of programmatic with existing PPC, SEO, and even content marketing, and markets are embracing this.

These may look to be on two rival channels, but it’s not always the case. When it comes to search marketing that’s paid, the managers want more, and more results for their money works, and programmatic brings the top funnel leads into the PPC conversion area, and as a result, the search marketers will get more traffic, searches, and conversions.

These also provide an audience that can help you inform the paid search campaigns, including your keyword buys and the ad copy.  While it does create a compelling argument, you need to make sure that, as a marketer, you have a converging path of conversion that if you’re going to entertain this type of thinking, you need to make sure that you have a good ad optimization in this.  it’s really a matter of budget, and accessibility and marketers need to shift from the buying media to buying the audiences.

If you’re using programmatic content and pairing it with content marketing, you’ll be able to support the new and existing prospects in the funnel itself, and it lies within the well-timed placement. When you surf the web, the searches, information, interests, and even your buying habits will get cookied. The programmatic users will enable the search behavior to determine the ad content that shows up within there, and it’s appropriate to the buying cycle of the advertisers.

If you have someone higher up on the funnel, these advertisers know that, and they can target that, rather than using the bottom-funnel ad messaging. It’s common to see these everywhere, and marketers will help you get more out of it.

But, you need to make sure that you understand how precise it is.  It creates an inventory of ad spaces, and this can support many different types of channels, including mobile, video, native, and also remarketing techniques that can help you. With this, you can use it with any type of marketing channel, and thus improving the brand, providing an audience of people who searched for these to create the campaigns, measure what content topics people want to engage with so that they can understand and better give the content marketing or topic retargeting campaigns when the time is right, and from there, allow marketers to geofence different prospects and offer discounts. Plus, on the other side, they can help with customer retention campaigns.

So, programmatic campaigns are the future, and if you can implement these despite the costs, I suggest doing so.