Social Media Trends that Matter in 2019

Social media marketing is a wonderful place to build your brand presence, and if you’re wondering if there are new changes for 2019, the answer is yes, there are. Here, we’ll talk about the top trends to consider in 2019.

first, is know, love, and care about your audience. If you don’t love them, will you really get the loyalty that you want? Be responsive to those who follow you, since engagement is the name of the game. Being timely, authentic, and responding to any issues is integral at this point of the game. This nurtures the support and builds brand loyalty. You have to remember that connection and building trust is what matters in this day and age.

Tell some stories! This is actually a way to build authenticity, and it’s what people want to see. Don’t just give static updates, but instead be more behind-the-scenes, raw, and intimate. Create real stories because that’s how you create a transparent, and super meaningful relationship between the brand and the user, so you should try to put some more stories out there that people will want to read, that matter to people the most.

Next, you should consider trying to work with influencers. you’ll see a huge spurt in seasoned influencers making campaigns that are successful, along with nano influencers. Brands and businesses will seek proven influencers strategies that work well with proven agencies. Micro influencers are becoming even more important and agencies are also becoming a trend that will only grow more so in 2019

Then there are videos. People love videos, and lots of times, they’re bringing forward new and amazing content to the people out there. Brands are partnering more with influencers, and many are using live videos to announce content, and with that realistic touch, it’s allowing for more produce content. With the new IGTV happening too, it pushes the Instagram app at the forefront, and the vertical video integration is still quite popular with Facebook too. Plus, people love the growth of interactive videos and you can create little videos that run as ads without seeming out f touch with the interactive shows. Plus, with how good smartphones are getting, marketers can bring more and more content that consumers want to look for, and this is a good trend and allows you to be more approachable and worthy of trust.

Finally, if you haven’t optimized your site or chatbots, including Facebook messenger for chatbots, this is actually a good way to do it. You can get 60-80% of open rates within the first hour or so of this. You can do email blasting, but it’s via messenger, which allows for better and more improved email marketing as a result of this.

Social media is growing bigger than ever, and it’s making a huge impact on creators and brands everywhere. Follow the trends, go with the flow, but also don’t forget to give worthwhile and informative content to your audience too.