SEO Factors to monitor this Year

With 2019 being started, there are some SEO factors you should be monitoring. Here, we are going to talk about the top ones that you should know, and why they matter to you in terms of SEO marketing, and how you can benefit from this.

First, let’s talk structured data. I get it, it’s confusing, but it’s super easy to become familiar with it. Essentially, you’ve got to start working with it, since it’s something that you will be needing to learn in the next year, and something worth mastering, and you can learn to create your own quite easily.

With structured data, you should focus on not making mistakes. Sites have been getting penalties for improper implementation of this, and it is possible to make an honest mistake and receive the penalties.  So, make sure that it doesn’t violate the guidelines, doesn’t violate he structured data guidelines, and doesn’t take shortcuts. Make sure all of this fits well together, and it all is cohesive.

Next, consider podcasts for what you’re going to market. They are a good way to create and for consumers to look at content.  You should look at potential customers, and see what they’re listening to, so you can create niche podcasts.  It may take a bit of a strategy, and you can figure out what works, whether it be bringing in guests, promoting content, or giving something else to help. it’s essentially an extent of content marketing, so it should be used.

Focused content is probably one of the most important aspects of internet marketing in this year. Unfocused content is so 2018, and it’s not going to help you. In fact, you’ll lose rankings if you do this. Creating content that is relevant, linking to other content pages, and the like, is super important this year, and it’s an SEO trend worth following.

Finally, let’s talk image SEO.  Use it.  You should make sure that images are used to make your page not only pretty, but important for SEO, since they can help with ranking pages, and they can also improve the ranking power by showing up as better listings.  You should try to use images that illustrate your point, and one that’s relevant to others as well.  You should also consider step-by-step screenshots if you need to show something since it does help with improving the listings. Google love those.

Finally, optimize the images, since if they’re heavy, that actually makes the bandwidth higher, and it contributes to extra charges, and slower sites, which kill the ranking.

Using these SEO points can change the game for you this year. Remember, it is a new year, and if you have made mistakes relating to these in the past, you can start to change that immediately and create the results that you want to create with these tips. You can easily turn all of these around, and make great results obvious too, so you can create a wonderful result.