How to Effectively USE Amazon SEO Ad Budgets

Amazon ad budgets are growing, in that it’s moved up about 50% since most of the previous readings. With the shifting budget, however, comes the need for international SEO.  A report that notes what used to be Google’s share of searches is now Amazon’s domain. About 54% of searches begin on Amazon, compared to what’s done on Google. Many times, shoppers may take longer to complete a purchase, but along with that, Google does have more diverse advertisers. But, Amazon is still a serious contender in the space dominated by Google. For marketers, this means that the work is just beginning when it comes to optimizing the product copy for Amazon A9, the algorithm.

This trend does show that Amazon is perfect for product discovery, whereas Google is used for purchase validation.  If you want to know about brands and quality standards, you go to google.

90% of the product views that are on Amazon are from searching, and not advertising. As a brand, you need to know what most of the customers are searching for, and what you need to place in terms of merchandising, including the product name and the details you need. You have to know Amazon SEO, in that you have to have a good selling product and understand the searcher’s intent so that they go to your site.

Amazon also has their own ranking factors, and it’s not just keywording and relevance.  You can improve your rankings by conversion and sales velocity. However, there are more factors that you should easily consider as well.

Relevance is one of them, which is how appropriate a product is in terms of the context so that the searcher’s intent is manifested within keywords.  You can establish this with product copy. You want to also get the best sellers rank because you’ll get seen. This does automatically update your value, and you can understand the competitors better.

Another part of this is customer reviews since they can improve your ranking.  If your customers like it, they’ll make a review, and if people want your product, they’ll look at this.

Tied in with it, is customer ranking. Satisfied customers allow for conversions, and for future customers to come back. When a customer is satisfied, and they like it, they’ll come back, boosting traffic which is imperative to Amazon if you want to rank up products. If the customer buys again, remember your best sellers rank goes up too, and it can really help you win.

Although Amazon SEO doesn’t stop the optimizing the product copy of the A9 to create a product, it’s a big part of your ability to market. In order to raise the Amazon ranking, you need to understand how Amazon does it. If you need to go deeper into the obvious, look at all of the factors, and see if they’re there in your copy, and look at how your product is advertised to see your general success.