How to Control the Ranking of Your Products

You probably want to know if there is a way for you to hold onto the rankings of the products and control them. The answer is while there is no guarantee that you will be able to rank there, by following the A9 algorithm, it will showcase what you want the products to sell. One part of this is the Amazon Brand Registry, which is a program used by sellers who make their own branded products, and they’ll have more authority over the content they’re listing.

By using the brand registry, it can influence the details and information about the branded products, since as a registered brand, the information that they bring there for the registered products that they have branded is shown automatically, and it helps brands to specify the titles, the details, images, and other attributes for personal products.

It also allows them to have an alternative attribute that they can use instead of a typical product ID. If your products are not being found on Amazon, no matter how compelling the offer may be, chances are, it might be because you’re not registered.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve got FBA, amazing images, or whatever, if that’s happening, chances are that’s the problem.

So you should always make sure that your brand is considered as well.

But, you should also make sure to optimize the titles for this too. Just like the Google search algorithm, it will determine where your product goes, so you need to envision yourself as a shopper in this.  Usually, when shoppers look for something in the search bar, they will have their query there, rather than filtered through categories, and they’ll be given the most relevant answers to their query due to the keywords that are matched there for them.

When people shop for products, they need to have the optimized product titles and descriptions, for it will let them stand out on the search engine page when compared against competitors.  Remember, the number of views for a product detail page can be changed significantly with just one single term, if it’s relevant and a term that’s compelling. that’s right, you can literally change the game with just one such thing.

The price, the availability, and the sales that they’ve had will also determine this, since typically those that have a higher sales listing will be ranked higher, and the more sales, the better chances of ranking.

But even so, creating a good listing page that will convert people is critical, and being as accurate as you can with the information will let others know what you’re providing to them, and what they’re going to buy. Being concise, using bullet points with the keywords, and a description of these products along with a product image will make a world of a difference.

So yes, if you’re looking to convert sales and such, look at the brand, make sure that it’s branded, and also focus on some of the keywords and other information that you may want from this as well.