Amazon SEO Strategies that Will Help You Succeed

Amazon has helped so many people over the years, and it’s contributed to the brands’ growth. And while it’s had successes, more and more sellers are facing competition, so they need to bring their best game to the table. But how do you do that? Well, let’s take a look at how the Amazon search engine works, and the techniques that can help just about anyone crush it with the listings on Amazon.

Amazon’s search engine is ultimately super simple, and it gives you a simple interface that can give you all the data relevant to what you’re looking for, in order to implement changes. But because it’s a maturing algorithm, it does have unpredictable and frequent updates, but here, we’ll talk about some of the best recommendations to watch for, and what to do, but remember that the A9 algorithm is constantly evolving, so make sure you remember that.

Reminder that Amazon only cares about selling stuff to buyers. This is obvious, but if you remember that when you’re making optimizations, you’ll be able to quickly make decisions on products you sell on Amazon.

Research is also key here since we are close to that point, so Amazon will continually change these so that shoppers will go to areas that will buy more frequently in order to convert more.  They do focus on the images, so you should have images since that’s what shoppers will find.  They will also make changes that will turn those browsers into the buyers while keeping the algorithm in mind.  You should focus on the image, the price, and the title in order to stay ahead of the game.

A9 is the algorithm that Amazon uses for this. it’s maturing, but it operates on keyword searching so that it will find it.  It really doesn’t really regard much on how closely it matches to the query.

You have to focus on the variants of this.  While you may get a lot of competition with the mere word “multivitamin” if you separate the words with a space, it can vastly change the competition. So what does that mean to you? You should make sure that you’re populating as many relevant searches as you possibly can, since it will help to increase the visibility, the sales, and your overall rank since you want to optimize for visibility, relevance, and conversions, and you want people to essentially buy this product.

You want to make sure you clearly state on this what the product is, the performance of it through reviews, and anecdotal evidence. Now, with anecdotal, there are no supporting documents, but there is a strong correlation between an Amazon search engine ranking and the factors before.

So to begin, always optimize the title. Make sure that you have one that will create a great impact on the search. You want to be specific with this so that you can hit as many keywords as you can, and tell people the size and quantity as well.

Make sure that you don’t keyword stuff though. Shoppers and Amazon know about this, and it’s not an effective way to do it. But, if you want to keyword stuff, you do it with backend terms.

Another great tip is to utilize bullets. While it doesn’t impact the search results, they can convert much better, and they provide more product relevance. If you showcase the benefits and features of the product, sellers will know this, and they’ll be able to see that they have more benefits on there, and it’s more directly listed.

You can always optimize these by using Helium 10-Scribbles to optimize and build the listings to make sure that you’re compatible with others. By following these, and working towards optimizing, you’ll be able to generate many more and many worthwhile sales as well.

With Amazon, you’re ultimately working with a different algorithm than say, compared to google or other search engines. By learning how to master all of these, and by learning how to effectively create the best results that you can, you can generate more customer reach, and from there, get more conversions than you have ever thought ever possible.